Cheat Engine : Adopt Any Pet [Private servers]

Credit : Mr. Unknown2011 (for the tip)
Special Thank : Mr. PharmerPhale (for his Great website :

Hey guys
Here is my tutorial on how to adopt any pet (Egg) in any Aion Private servers...
Works on Aion version 2.6 / 2.5 / 2.1 / 1.9
There is a few servers that has a Item ID Changer FIX

So let's begin...

You will need
-Aion Client
-Cheat Engine 6.1
-Aion Database

1. Open Cheat Engine
Aion Private servers

2. Go in-game and buy a random Egg from Pet Egg Trader
Aion Private servers

3. Go to to get your Egg ID. (Make sure its an ITEM and not a PET IT SELF)
Aion Private servers

4. Go back to Cheat Engine and Search the ITEM ID (Your Egg)
Select all addresses that has been found.
And click on the Red Arrow to drop them down.
Aion Private servers

5. Find a pet that you like at
Select the one you like!
Aion Private servers

6. Make sure you selected the pet and there is a "Related Items" Tab
Select the first Item (Egg) (If the first item not working Select the 2nd item! And repeat the process)
Aion Private servers

7. After a Per selection you see the real Item ID. In this Example its: 190020007 (Acute Shugo)
Aion Private servers

8. Go back to Cheat Engine 6.1
Select all Addresses
Press Enter
Change Value Window will pop-up
Change the Value to 190020007 (As in the example)
Press OK.
Aion Private servers

9. Go back in-game and Open your Invetory and Press on "Auto Arrange Invetory"
Aion Private servers

10. You should see the Egg icon changed
But you cant touch it or move it.
If you do so the egg will be gone and it will not work.
Aion Private servers

11. Go to a Pet Adoption in my example its (Amis - Elyos)
Change pet's Name to what ever you want
Select your Settings
And press Apply.
Aion Private servers

12. And there you go  you have an Cool VIP Pet in your Pet List.
Aion Private servers

Make sure you read the last Picture No.12

Don't forget to Restart your game client.
And no, the Pet egg is not Tradable! Hope i did helped you!

(I will do much more tutorials and hacking tutorials as well, I'd to post some hidden things i know)

Q&A :
1. I tryed . doesn't work for me. I got a message "This is not a usable egg"...............
Try the same way as I'm showing in the Example.. Should work...But yes there are few servers that this has been fixed.

2. Don't works for me too, but thanks anyway
Try the same as you see in the pictures or on another server to check if its your mistake or the server actually fixed it. I did try it out on Aion Warz... and on Gamez Aion and 2.5 - 2.6 Aion World... Works fine for me.

3. I'll try this one.. tnx! 100% sure working on gamez aion?
Yes 100% working on Gamez Aion..But don't forget as much people will have a VIP Pets , Faster it will get fixed.

4. Does this work on retail ? haha
Cheat Engine is detected on the retail but there is alot of ways to hide cheat engine. If I had the retail I could answer you with a 100% answer.

5. Have tried it many times in Gamezaion, but no luck, when I clicked on Apply, nothing happen. It just say....."Are you sure you want to have Acute Shugo: petname?" After clicking OK, nothing next. Maybe they already fixed, so sad.
Typically the big name servers have this fixed such as infinite aion and gamzaion.
Yeah guys, as I said seems it's fixed in few servers but wired that I did done it on gamez aion after I posted here :/ I knew this kind of exploit since ages...
And yes GamezAion has the lasted patch of the Emu I've seen they fixed alot of stuff. I guess then I'll be posting how to make yourself Overpowered, Ohhh yeah! you gonna like this one stay tuned.

Thanks all