Cheat Engine : items Hack Overpowered

Credit : Mr. Unknown2011 (for the tip)
Special Thank : Mr. PharmerPhale (for his Great website :

So first of all here is an explanation what does it do. Read it or you'll get your a*s in troubles

You basically Armsfusion 2 Same type of Items into a 1...
What do you get from that?
The 2nd tab of the starts.
Not 1st tab!
The 2nd!

That means, For example:
You have Armor with +100 HP in the 2nd stats
And you have same Type of armor with +110 HP in it.

* When you combine it, You'll get Extra 110 HP = 210 HP In total. But wait... That's not all....

For example:
You have an item +15 , 100 HP , + 6 Manastones in in all with +5 Attack stones , You get total of +30 Attack.
And let's say you have the exactly same item! but with a +15 Critical Hit stones!
So you get an Item with a 200 HP + 30 Attack + 90 Critical Hit...
Isn't that over powered as hell ?
Now imagine you've done it all every part of your item oh damm....

My personal best thing was on GamezAion long time ago... I had a PVP armor Combined with Anuhart Armor

Default Gladiator hp with full pvp set is : 10k ~ 11k and I had 15.5k That was obvious... and yes I got banned. So use it on your own risk!

• What are the Combinable Items?!
Armor with Armor
Helm with Helm
Pants with Pants
Ring with Ring
Boots with Boots
Shoulders with Shoulders
Gloves with Gloves
Belt with Belt
Earrings with Earrings
Necklace with Necklace
Shield with Shield / Weapon / Armor / Wing
Wings with Wings
Any One-Handed weapon with Any One-Handed weapon

• What are the best Combinable strategy?
Full PVP Set with a PVE set

• Is it Possible to combine PVP set with another PVP set?
No... You can't , You wont get any extra PVP stats.

So...Let's begin.

We gonna need once again:
-Cheat Engine 6.1
-Aion Client
-Aion Database

1. Select 2 same Type of items that you want to Combine/Fuse
In my example it's Stormwing's Tunic (110101071)
Aion items hack

2. This is the explanation of what you get when u combine the Items.
In short words: The 2nd tab of the stats + Manastones.
Aion items hack

3. Go to to see what's your Item ID that you're about to combine
Don't forget to change the ID of the 2nd Item that you're about to Combine!
Aion items hack

4. Open Cheat engine, Search the ID of the Items , Drop them down by selecting them all and clicking on the Red Arrow!
Aion items hack

5. After selecting and dropping all the addresses of your items that you want to combine,
Select any DUAL HANDED! Weapon... In this example its: Archon Brigade General's Spear (101300681)
Aion items hack

6. Back to Cheat Engine...
Select all the dropped addresses and press ENTER on your keyboard.
A window Change Value will pop-up.
Change the id To DUAL HANDED weapon.
Aion items hack

7. After done Step 6 Go back In-Game and open Invetory , Press on "Auto Arrange Invetory"
Now you should see the Items you've selected will be changed by a new Icon...
Don't touch them yet.
Aion items hack

8. Make sure by Moving your mouse cursor on the item you've changed that it's says: The real Item NAME that you had.
But in the same time make sure the Icon is different
If not that's mean you've done something wrong.
Aion items hack

9. Go to Armsfusion NPC to Combine 2 Items... Don't forget!
The easiest way to find what item you should keep and what item you should break is by PLUSING The one you need!
Because plusing the Breakable item is useless.
Aion items hack

10. After you've combined your armor WEAR IT and check the stats if they are changed. If they are Congratz
If they not that's mean or The server has a fix or you did something wrong!
To make sure all is fine and that you wont get Crash , Just Restart your Aion Client!
Aion items hack

11. After a Success Armsfusion you get Extra stats  As can you see in that picture!
Good luck and happy hacking
Aion items hack

I've tested it on AionWarz. I'll be posting more tutorials... Stay tuned!
*Still works on AionWarz, DarkAion, AionX and quite a few other servers which I assume are all Aionxemu

It makes the item invisible on each of those servers (both in your inventory & on your character) and you are only able to display 1 manastone, so the trick is +15 your main item,put the manastones & godstones on both BEFORE you merge them using this method.

• Before I start? should I try this to a noob items? just for a try and it jsut add hp? not attack?
Yeah to be 100% sure that its working try any noob item with 2nd stats on it!

• Dude is it possible now that I can fusion dagger to dagger or sword to sword dagger to sword or something.. I'm going to try it on flarestorm dagger if it's ok?
Yes you can combine Dagger with Dagger forgot to add it you can combine any One handed with One handed.