[] Comet - Aion Radar


Credit : Mr. PharmerPhale
link : [] Comet - Aion Radar

• Adjust Map Scale with NUMPAD +/-
• Adjust Node Scale with SHIFT + NUMPAD +/-
• Adjust Window Width with CTRL + NUMPAD +/-
• Adjust Window Height with ALT + NUMPAD +/-

Settings: (not all are found in the interface)
• Settings file is created after first close.
• Advanced users can edit the additional settings in the file for more options.
• Transparency causes heavy cpu, use a small window.
• If you screw up the settings file, just delete it.

• Will be adding more filters.
• Will be adding more settings to the GUI.

Aion radar hack 2.6
32-bit Aion Client Only!
You need these installed!
.NET Framework 4.0
Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86)
• Will be adding more settings to the GUI.

Issue: The program crashes during the intro.
Fix: Press escape directly after you login and skip the intro, this is a known issue.

Issue: Unable to log into the program.
Fix: Make sure you're using your forum login and password, display names are not login names and e-mails won't work.
Fix: Reboot your computer!
Fix: Reset your password, only use numbers and letters.
Fix: If your IP changes a lot, it may be blocked to prevent account sharing. Please make a ticket.

Issue: Can't find Aion or Modules.
Fix: Run this program as administrator.
Fix: Disable DEP, or add an exception for this program.
Fix: Last resort - Disable UAC / Firewall

Aion radar hack 2.6
If you still need help, please open a support ticket at mmoelites.com and give all the information in the template.

• Moved Comet to a subscriber-only program
• Added background to intro
• Added Always Show Names option
• Added Fixed North option
• Fixed North now rotates your character sprite
• Non-Fixed North now rotates entities around your character sprite
• Added Level and Class to mouse-over tooltip

Support to hack Aion for version ;
ENGLISH Retail NA/EU Client Aion
ENGLISH Retail NA/EU Client -

Your feedback is important, here's what Mr. PharmerPhale need to know. Please leave your message on his webboard from link above ^^
• Which version of Aion did you try? (ex. Retail NA 32-bit )
• Which version of Comet did you try? (ex.
• What OS are you using (ex. Windows 7 64-bit)
• How smooth is the program? (ex. Slow intro, smooth radar)
• How much of your CPU is used? (ex. 3%)
• What is it's average FPS?
• Please attach your settings xml file!