Cheat Engine : AP Shop Hack [GamezAion]

Aion Cheat EngineTESTED IN GAMEZAION : still working on gamezaion and zettacore servers.
This is for you bug AP, Kinah, Crucible, groogies, silver coin, gold coin, platinum coin and others prices in all shops.

Free Tac Officer
Free Abyss gear (still need medal)

1. Open Cheat Engine
2. aion.bin
3. go to shop (Crucible shop, Abyss Shop)
4. Put one item in the first slot "just one"
5. go to Cheat Engine "First scan number 1"
6. add more one
7. scan for "2"
8. repeat it and when u got only one value is time for bug ^^

Part 2
1. Chante to "text"
2. and put this value FFFFFFFF F (if u get red number or big number, try use another value)

You can bug others slots too. You got negative numbers and u can buy many things for nothing!

Remember :
1. You can't buy with negative valuer.
2. Add more items for make the value positive.
3. If you get big number, try use FFFFFF F or FFFF F.

Aion Cheat Engine
*Remark : I use windows XP.
Windows 7 - 64 bits - Professional make me get big big number.

Try bug others shops too, like crucible, groogies, silver medal, platinum medal, title shop and etc...
It working in gamezaion, everybody of my legion Juuken bugged it ans all are full ABG ^^ We can bug Troll shop too xD

Just follow all steps in the video, in last step when you need to put FFFFFFF F, just write fffffff f, see the difference ? if you put in caps lock you will have a huge big and red negative number, just do this way and will works, you can bug crucible shop, ap shop, and all kind of shops i dont get troll shop working with this but could be possible, if you get a non big negative number , eg : -252.569 just add an more items until you get the lowest possible valor eg : 1980 or even 1, you cant buy for 0 valor, but one just work fine, you can buy also crusader things ( noble crusader wing and fixer title ) for just 1 crusader token, just use your brain a little ^^

PS. tested in a Window 7 x64 with CE 6.1 ( x64 edition ) and CE 5.6 x32 normal edition, also tested in Windows XP x32 and CE 5.6 x32 normal edition, good luck.

1. Most of peoples work with FFFFFFFF F, but others get big negative number and need try other value.
Price need be positive, You use that negative number just for a special discount

2. Message error : "You cannot trade as your inventory is full"
This means that the stack amount in the merchant window is more than the space you have. This 1/0 value that you are searching for is actually a 4-byte number representing the stack. Obviously, if you are trying to buy 498274392872 breastplates you don't have the room for that.

3. do you know how to obtain the value 00000001 after that we put the value ffffffff, because for me, it shows no value :/
Put ffffffff, then scan, select box " hex " then put 1, next scan , if you got more than 1 address, go ingame and remove the item you had there, then go to CE and see what happens, so put item again then 1 , next scan, sometimes CE cant find the right address at first attempt so you need to try more times, and again its 100% working in gamezaion.

4. I'm stuck, it says that : Some items are not allowed to be selled from this NPC
Because you are trying to buy an item that is locked server side, like ABG, you cant buy ABG in gamezaion... try another item like APP or EAT, you cant buy TAC Officer items also...