Reset All Skill+Item CD on [Private Servers]

Credit : Mr. Arrestme (for the tip)
Special Thank : Mr. PharmerPhale (for his Great website :

How to reset Skill and Item CD on Aion Private Servers
How you reset skill CD is this :
make 2 windows, window A is logged in character running around. Window B is at FIRST screen with character account/paswword already typed.

Find place you want to "register" your character and make sure you have no DP Jelly used, or skill used. Relog there. Now you are registered there.

Now you go and use cippo and lets say..your 4k DP. Whenever u want after that, to reset the CD all you do is this: 

Move window A, so the red "X" to force log close client move over Window B's "OK" to log in. So u are pressing X-OK.
Next, you guessed it, Press X on window A (that will close client A), then press OK on client 2 and login your character as fast as you can. 
Now you are in "phantom mode" you cant do anything rly but talk to NPCs and stuff (I'll get into that later in other post).
but just relog regular after that, and you'll log back in with NO skill CD, no item CD, and you can use cippo/4k dp again over and over again 
*No client editing no nothing, and no being caught if your careful.