AionCraftLogger - Collaborative data Gathering tool for Crafting

Aion Crafting Applications and Information
Credit : AionCraft++ <link>

Hey guys,
It's time to release my second project: AionCraftLogger. After witnessing many people (including myself) messing around with spreadsheets to find out something about crafting I decided to create this application. It will gather data on your crafts while you play, so you can easily determine things such as:
How many crafts of X does it take to gain one skillpoint?
How long does it take to get from 400 to 499?

There is now also a single place to store all this data and disclose it.

Aion crafting bot

AionCraftLogger is a Windows application for gathering statistical data on crafting in a collaborative way. It detects crafting events while you play, and submit them to the central statistics server.
Did you ever wonder how many crafts of recipe X it takes to gain one skill point? Or how much time/kinah it takes to get from 1 to 399 through work orders, or from 400 to 499?
With AionCraftLogger you can work together with others to find the answers to these questions.

AionCraftLogger processes to the Chat.log file in your Aion directory, and detects crafting events.
Information is extracted from the events: duration, success rate, amount of succesful crafts per skill point.
These basic crafting stats are submitted to this server, and immediately become available in the Crafting Stats section.
*This application requires the .NET 4.0 Framework.

Note: You need to put the included system.ovr file in Aion's root directory. This will make Aion write the chat/combat log (containing the craft strings) to the hard disk. Check out the readme for more information.

The Chat.log file contains chat and combat log data. AioncraftLogger only extracts and submits basic crafting events. Things like your username are NOT extracted, so the data can never be traced back to you. The submitted events are used on this website to generate statistics.

This is the Windows application that gathers the data. Aion can stream its combat/chat log to a Chat.log file. The logging tool AionCraftLogger will listen to this file and automatically gather crafting data. It takes two seconds to configure, and will just sit in your tray doing its job.
*After you submit them, the statistics will be available immediately on the Crafting Statistics page!

Crafting Stats
Displaying 299 logged craft series.

Aion crafting bot

• Every row in the table below represents a gained skill point. Table table includes many pieces of information about this event, such as the amount of crafts required.
• These stats were gathered by AionCraftLogger. Download it if you want to contribute!
• The system only accepts skillpoint gain events where a single recipe type was used to gain a skillpoint.
• The relative recipe level has major impact on everything (failure rate, crafts for skillup, etc).

Total skill gain events : 299 events
Minimum duration : 14 seconds
Maximum duration : 220 seconds
Average duration : 93 seconds
Average crafts per skillpoint : 10.38
Average workorder quests per skill point : 0.71
Success rate : 100.00%

I'm still trying to think of useful ways to display/disclose the submitted data, so please give me your thoughts, comments and bug reports!
It is possible to expand the tool to gather other data as well (disenchanting, procs, etc). Ideas for this are very much welcomed. What would be useful to you?

But most importantly: Contribute! Submit some data!


UPDATE: Bugfix release v1.0.1