L2PHx Socket Unlimited Manastones [Gamezaion]

Using L2PHx, you will need to record the packet sent FROM the client TO the server as you click "Ok" to manastone socket an item. Once you've done this, just resend that packet on an interval of about 6 seconds, and you will be able to socket a limitless amount of stones. The only downside to this, is that they of course can still fail - so if you were to socket 99 stones and failed on the 100th one, it can be frustrating. I recommend just using level 10 stones and leave it going over night, good luck!

• And also can we this let to a over damage?? and how I can see if I want that damage or crit so I stop socketing
In reply if you send a packet the wrong way you'll just get disconnected from the game. And as long as their is no cap on attack, and you socket enough stones then there's no limit. To see how many stones are on your item just put it in manastone socket remover window.

• Nope I mean the can't use internet after using L2phx? and also as example I socket +attack 100 times to a armor.. what would be my damage? >< im gonna use L90 stones and greater supplement to not be failed.. and also I'm vip so I have high rates socketing
No  L2PacketHack will not affect your internet, and your damage would be OP
I've managed to get 20 HP+95 stones into a bow, allowing me to socket the rest of my armor as Atk

• I stack on when I'm gonna put the manastone .. when I watch your video it's automatically have logs.. but me there's nothing it's still white... what should i do?
Make sure you refresh then clear the log, click "stop parsing", get ready to socket your stone, then click "start parsing", hit "ok" in the Aion window and you'll see the packets start to pop up

• Start parsing? where I can find it sir?? sorry I'm pretty newbie for this.. whats the logo of that parsing?
here's the picture its like this nothing happened I'm there on socketing a atk +5 i didn't click ok yet.. then when i go to L2phx its just like this.. nothing happenes >< plz help me
Download L2phx aion
Ok. seems you just need to check the "Authorization is necessary" flag and enter any username/password. I'm not sure if that needs to be a valid user/pass...

It needs to be the user & pass you log into the server with. This is because the packet sniffer will work via its own proxy

• I dont know how config settings for gamezaion in  L2PacketHack
I try some tutorial but confuse for me, I never use L2phx
Can you help me? just how I can open  L2PacketHack on gamezaion
You want your settings to be like this:
Note that you have to type your username & password in the bottom field in the "Primary Settings" tab
Download L2phx aion

Download L2phx aion

Download L2phx aion