Spend Unlimited Ap At Ap Shop [Private Servers]

Credit : Mr. Arrestme (for the tip)
Special Thank : Mr. PharmerPhale (for his Great website : mmoelites.com)

How to Spend Unlimited Ap At Ap Shop on Aion Private Servers
Again we are going to make:
2 windows, window A is logged in character running around.
Window B is at FIRST screen with character account/paswword already typed.

First: go to your AP shop with enough medals (because medals do go away, even tho AP does not) to buy everything u want. And at least enough AP to buy 1 item at a time.

Now lets say you have 1mil AP and u dont know what to spend it on. Well u can spend it an infinite ammount of times, if you have enough medals

So go to your AP shop with the 2 windows, and do a fresh relog on Window A. this registers your character there. Now do the X-OK method as showin in my previous post. (move window A's "X" to close client over window B's "OK" to login") Press X-OK and login FAST...Now you are in phantom mode...and in phantom mode you can go to your AP shop, and buy an item. After you buy an item you notice that your AP didnt go away, but ur medals did. and you can keep buying items again and again with no AP going missing. Do this until your hearts content and just relog when you are done. You will have all items in ur inventory, and as far as I know, you still have all your AP too

I'm not sure if this still works on ANY server, I think people are just thanking me or replying just to try it out because they see that it's a lot of pages and stuff. SOMEONE PLEASE POST IF THIS WORKS ON ANY SERVER YOU PLAY!! IF I DO NOT GET ANY REPLIES LIKE THAT, THIS POST IS GOING DOWN!!