Aion 2.7 PVP Guide - Tips&Tactic in PvP

So I play with some friends regularily , we figured yesterday that since we all hit level 40 we’d go through a rift and find out if we could knock off some of these spy quests and have fun with Aion pvp while we were in internet marketing.

2.7 Aion PVP Guides
We waited all night in eltnen for any rift to open. First hour there is no rift, next hour there was a rift but i was to high level for this, some hours later a rift opened within the Lepharist Citadel area and that we could finally undergo (this was disturbing in my experience, let’s say we were level 50 and seeking to pvp as our group of 4, we would have waited all night simply to get the opportunity to undergo a rift, that seems completely unreasonable, sometimes I only have an hour or so to experience and I would basically ‘t be allowed to pvp because no rifts are open level appropriate?).

Once on the other hand, we find a location to setup a group kisk. We head towards our quest mob and encounter several 4 asmodians, they all are level 45 and clean our clock. Back to our kisk we go. We head out again towards our quest mob, kisk is under attack, **** there goes 35k. We notice we cant cope with alsig village, and that we cant overcome another bridge all because of guards, it looks as though we’re limited to a small section by which to pvp which sucks (is it like this in eltnen for asmodian rifters? dizi seems to be capable of getting ALL over eltnen not a problem). Next we come upon a zerg of 8 players heading to the mistmanes and thus we get our clocks cleaned again and without a kisk we are delivered back with the rift.

2.7 Aion PVP Guides
2.7 Aion PVP Guides

THAT was our “Aion pvp” experience that people waited all night long for.
- Trapped like mice in a lab experiement by guards everywhere limiting the pvp area we now have access too significantly
- killed by a group 5 levels higher then ours
- killed by a group with two times as many characters as ours.

We desired to perform some Aion pvp still, and then we choose to head to the abyss. We fly around for like 30 minutes searching for asmodians to fight, we serve them with some on an island questing, we kill them, these were like level 28, that was no fun. So we fly arund again for an additional 30 mins finally we discover a gladiator farming guards, hes level 42, we 4v1 him, which was clearly a real drag either.

There have been no fort raids at that time we were available to PvP, and since we are not 50 the dredgion wasn’t available either, although even thinking how that’s setup, you can only dredgion three times each day sometimes the game says and never what’s convienent for the actual life (so i hear).
2.7 Aion PVP Guides

So my friends log off for that night, Time passes and grind some lepharist in LC in eltnen, and Dizi shows up and 1v1s me, I die faster then when I was attacked by a level 45 gladiator, even though she is much lower level than me.

My experience for Aion PvP might be summarized like this
- Asmodian rifters are super twinks that will own you even if you’re way higher-level 1v1
- Rifting yourself is hopeless if you are not a stealthing class because of guards everywhere
- Rifting before 50 is again hopeless should you arent twinked the wazoo or with full pvp gear because players will be higher-level then you definitely and wipe you easily
- Abyss pvp takes forever to locate someone to pvp with after which its usually lowbies leveling or perhaps a single guy trying to farm ap from guards, either case it is not fun for a number of friends to pvp against.
- Rifting takes ridiculous intervals to find the right rift to spread out for the level.
2.7 Aion PVP Guides

I truly need to know what expect Aion pvp can there be at level 50? How can things change where it might be better, easier to find pvp, etc.. This is suppose to become a pvp game, but so far the pvp in wow was better because it was when needed in battlegrounds, also it allowed the pvp to be shown at the convience, not at only certain times and only some times.

I’m not claiming to be good at pvp yet, as this is my first character this high and im just learning, but I find it incredibly difficult to find pvp after i want too.