The best Middleground for PvPers and PvEers

Aion PVE Guide
I Just curious what people think is a solid center of the road and PvEers PvPers alike. Do not throw anything rifters violations by calling troublemakers and do not go around throwing a position of concern. It is all.I personally think the new Aion PvE areas better job. This will PvEers rifters of doing things, and a safe haven. In addition, it provides only a new place to grind. win situation for everyone really.

How does this not hurt Rifters ?
I’m going to probably stick zone PvE bot, the objectives of PvP enabled zones that may be more willing to PvP. PvP should be given more challenging and fun for those who want PvEers rift.The yet become PvP enabled area is packed with important campaigns that are necessary for the full Mira / Fen.

Aion PVE Guide1. Battlegrounds and Silentrain Canyon
If done correctly, could provide Battlegrounds AP / Relics / user as a new arena for example, that came out when you get the items, completing missions and use them to buy other items.Battlegrounds provide a place for PVP as well as a consistent way sure to lower the levels of learning to Aion PvP (assuming they put it on lower levels, and should!).

Another thing that makes Silentra Canyon better. Put non-elite mobs there Balaur much as the High abyss of falling firmly and securely Balaur carpet. Let mentally. Add a world boss, there was as little as Menotios contested.Silentra would be an extremely hot PvP with changes as simple as that. Rather than an empty card, you go through PvE or more to get the other side.

2. A new Aion PvE area
I think the closest is in fact a new area of role, but I want a new area to encourage PvP and PvE.
The abyss that is perfectly able to do, except that now, except it is very steep near any reason to be there. Originally it was the crowd supposed to be worth more to the farm, but have since formed a quest reward as the gap can not continue. Abyss missions are boring and a little more boring, and then add the travel time on flights to and from some of them … eh. It’s just easier to stay in their own field and do what they do in the Abyss more efficiently.

Aion PVE Guide
Moving towards PVP battlegrounds is moving I’m going to feel like a game. I am opposed to implementing them, because I think there are better solutions. It ‘s my night, a broken record, but they need to find a new area, which would be used as basis. He needs an enemy out there is worth the risk to the company so that the adventurous PvEers which may, for example, half of heavy PvPers PvP and have a place to meet.

I miss when I had to log in and see “Madson and Hobup basic” or Fatal Blow, or Mortred Forlin, or everyone else with a name I unfortunately forgot. Just the generic “Swarm of prey Elyos Core Artis, need help ’cause a solid Aion PvP and sometimes you can even see people who were there, only the farm mobs jump into PvP with people and have fun .

3. The Wars
Do not forget the war was over Sulphur Artis Balaur when it was owned. It ‘was like a late ’40s early ’30s ideal spot PvP until asmos both Elyos and started taking it. For example, it is not even worth running.

abyss of the Netherlands has been wonderful for the end of years 20 years 30 in the evening of sulfur and battlefield. But as you say .. edge of the sword was my absolute favorite place for Aion PvP.

Aion PVE Guide Carpeted Balaur are increasingly common, I find it strange he did not go back to being as active as in the past. That’s where I got most of my PvP kills on my guard. They are weak now, but after I’m dead PvP almost stopped my watch say PvP combat at the Siel, which was filled with hungry Elyos fighting for PvP asmos LOL.

Food items for pets vary greatly and the majority of foods are classified as ‘Junk Items’.Please make reference to the list of things for examples of so what can be utilized for pet food. This isn’t an entire list, but meant to give examples that will help you find the right foods on your own. Try feeding your pet similar items and find out if it will eat it!

We all know that Aion© is not a solo pvp game. But the area’s to where to pvp at lvl 55 is way to small, and WAY to cramped. We need more space, more places to go, farm, do stuff. Simply 3rd zone in ingg and gelk + silentera is not enough. Its all zerging and if you want AP your forced to go PVE (hence all with over 1kk AP are PVE sluts). What is NCsoft’s point of veiw on the current situation? As i head its the same for all.

Quick fixes suggestions.

1. Open 1st and 2nd zone in gelk and ingg
2. Open up Heiron, belusland (BRUSTHONIN )
3. Copy Heiron, Morheim, Eltnen and belusland. No mobs, no guards ( maybe 1 camp each thats not possible to camp, but possible to attack.

Aion PVE Guide
This is just my suggestions sucky as they are. but lets say this game area is 100 yards long, when you ding 55 you find pvp in 15 yard of those 100 yards, rest is reserved for levelers, and twinks. make events, test stuff, try it, fail, find a better way. Just don’t leave things as they are.