Aion Elyos Level 8-9-10 Guide

Aion Elyos Level 8-9-10 Guide

Level 8 ;

When you hit level 8 you will receive another Survey. This is actually the third survey of the Adventurer’s Guide, and can award 20 Minor Life Serums!

After completing the Quests , head down the Agaric Spore Road and slay all of the monsters you can find; the majority of the monsters in this region are related to Quests.

Aion Elyos Level 1-10 Guide
Complete the Quests at the outset of Agaric Spore Road, and to run back up to the Odium Cauldron to sabotage it. While up there you will grab the traditional Cube for Baevrunerk. On the North side from the Cauldron’s area, up against the cliff you will discover a little mining camp. Look for the Ancient Cube on the ground. Snap it up and run back to Melponeh’s Campsite.

Consult with Tula, and use your Return Skill. Turn in all of the Quests you can, and begin about the final Campaign Quest in Poeta! Return towards the Campsite and consult with Oz. Then head back to Pernos, who will direct you towards Poa at the conclusion of the Agaric Spore Road.Be careful about your XP bar, don’t wish to get carried away over level 9. All XP earned from level 9 on is going to be lost.Grab Poa’s Quests, and finish Scouting Timolia Mine first. Once that’s done, you are able to venture into the cave and kill monsters, grab the Suspicious Boxes for Suspicous Ore, or continue on the Campaign Quest, it is up to you. But when you reach level 9, DON’T TURN IN ANY QUESTS!

Ascension (Level 9) ;

A brand new Campaign Quest named Ascension will appear whenever you reach level 9, and also you have to drop whatever you do and do the whole Questline. All other XP gained is going to be lost. This

Single Questline goes through level 9-10.
To start this Questline, visit Pernos and speak with him. He will request you to visit Cliona Lake and bottle some of the water within the crater. You are able to hit Return and return to Akarios village and run from there towards the Cliona Lake, then to Daminu, and to Pernos.

Once in the village head down to the lake, stand close to the island in the center and open up your inventory (I) and use the bottle Pernos gave you. Next you will have to head back to the forest and meet with Daminu again. After obtaining his essence, return to Pernos.

Aion Elyos Level 1-10 Guide
Pernos will reveal your past memories to you, or at best part of these. You see yourself in the Afira Obelisk and will have to consult with Belpartan, like you did before. But this time the memory continues. You’ll land and want to defeat four Balaur, and Orissan.

After Pernos re-appears you must choose which of the two paths you intend to take. These paths will differ depending on what class you chose in the beginning. Each base class has two sub-classes that they branch out to. You must choose which one you intend to be before continuing your journey.

Once you have decided on a class, talk to Pernos and chose that class. You have now ascended like a Daeva! You’ve new ablilities, like Essencetapping and Aethertapping, as well as the ablility to make use of Divine Power to morph items.

There’s yet another thing you must do before reaching level 10. You must complete A Ceremony in Sanctum. Speak with Pernos and have him teleport you to Sanctum.

Find Leah and consult with her. She will give back to Jucleas who is to do the ceremony. You are able to find Jucleas in the Lyceum left when you arrived at Elyos Square. You’ll get the ceremony and become asked to speak to your class preceptor to get your reward. Your class preceptor will award you with a new weapon, and you’ll finally be level 10!

Level 10 ;

Aion Elyos Level 1-10 Guide
Once you hit level 10 you will receive another Survey. This is the fourth Survey for the Adventurer’s Guide, and will award 10 Tombstones of Revival! By the way, let try my another post : Aion leveling guides