Aion Elyos Level 2-3 Guide

Aion Elyos Level 1-10 Guide
Aion Elyos Level 2-3 Guide

Level 2 ;

Becoming acquainted with your talent and also the targeting system is one of the more essential things for any beginner. Walk around and test out combat just a little before you feel comfortable with it.

Aion Elyos Level 1-10 Guide While you’re wandering around, keep an eye out for glowing plants called Aria. Fundamental essentials first Gatherable objects in Aion. Gatherable objects can be used in crafting professions, which is something you can experience later. For the time being, gathering Aria is really a decent way to gain a little bit of experience, and ten are needed for any future Quest. Continue completing the Questline that start with Kerub Hunt being more comfortable using the game.

Level 3 ;

Whenever you reach level 3, that ought to happen after completing 3 to 4 Quests, a little blinking button having a scroll icon will appear within the lower right area of your screen. This really is button indicates a Survey has arrived; click to open it.

Aion Elyos Level 1-10 Guide
This particular survey is part from the Adventurer’s Guide, which was implemented in October of 2010. This feature is to help point you within the right direction as well as give you a few what to assist with your trip. The reward for attaining level 3 is 10 Minor Life Potions.

Attempt to finish off any remaining quests within the Akarios Plains and head to the first town, Akarios Village. By this point try to have those 10 Aria mentioned earlier inside your inventory. You can check your inventory by pressing I.

Once you enter Akarios Village a Quest Menu will pop up and you’ll begin your first Campaign Quest. Campaign Quests would be the main story arc for your character so completing them is a vital progression of the game. Campaign Quests see as bright yellow Quest markers.

Next to Kalio, the first Campaign Quest NPC, there’s a Priest named Polinia, consult with her and start her Quest, Collecting Aria, and then consult with her again to give her the ten Aria you collected. Polinia will reward you with a few Potions and some XP.

Look for all of those other Quest related NPCs within the village and speak with the merchants to sell unneeded items in your Inventory. Open your Inventory and look for items with grey names; these serve no purpose apart from as commercial dog food or for supplying merchants. Armor or weapons you can’t use also needs to be sold towards the merchants.

Press J to create in the Quest menu, and click on the checkbox to trace how well you’re progressing on specific Quests.

You can also click any one of the current Quests to determine a small description of what you should do to accomplish that Quest. If you will find blue linked names in the text, that means that it comes with an in-game dictionary entry for the specific term or phrase. If it’s an area or NPC, clicking the Locate button at the bottom from the entry.

After you have acquired a little bit of Kinah (Aion’s currency) by selling your unneeded items, you should bind towards the Obelisk in Akarios Village. This can allow you to teleport to Akarios Village while using Return skill, or resurrect at Akarios Village in case of your demise.

Next you can acquire more inventory space by speaking to the Cube Artisan, and achieving him expand your Cube for a small fee.After you have bound you to ultimately the Obelisk and expanded your Cube, you need to consult with your Class Trainer and purchase the amount 3 Skillbooks to understand additional skills. If you have extra Kinah, purchasing the level 5 Skillbooks in advance can be a good idea. This can save you a trip to town.

Aion Elyos Level 1-10 GuideAion Elyos Level 1-10 Guide
Since you are now level 3 and therefore are in a position to learn some of these additional skills, understand them and be sure to bind them to your Quickbar.

Once all this is done, head out of town and speak with Muranes about your first Campaign Quest, The Kerubim Threat. You might see grey Quest markers above some NPC’s heads, which mean that you are too low level to have their Quest.

Head down to the Cliona Lake and west towards Ager’s Farm; there should be several Quests that you can complete down within the Cliona Lake and Ager’s Farm area including; Uno’s Ingredients, Abandoned Goods, and also the first the main Campaign Quest The Kerubim Threat.

After you have finished up at the farm, be on the lookout for the Pinbeak Airon named Tirratirra. Tirratirra is really a level 4 named monster which has a opportunity to drop some level 4 unique equipment. Tirratirra likes to hang around the middle island of Cliona Lake.