Elyos Level 1 Guide Starting Up!!

Aion Elyos Level 1 Guide

This is a small guide intended to provide some direction on what to do and who to speak to for levels one through ten. This is not the quickest way to get from level someone to ten; it’s just one of several ways and it is designed to function as a guide if you are unclear about how to get started.

Following Character Creation, you will be shown a cutscene and wake up within the Akarios Plains.

You’ll have the default character setup for those Key Binds and User Interface options. Additionally, you will notice that there is a “?” button close to the bottom of your screen. This can lead to the in-game tutorials which will pop up as you encounter different game mechanics.

Use the tutorials if you are relatively recent to the MMORPG world. However if you wish to turn them off you can click on any one of the “?” buttons and check the “Do not show tutorial to any extent further.”

The movement for Aion is set up to become the WASD or Arrow Keys automatically. Camera Movement is controlled by clicking and holding down the best mouse button. Camera Zoom is controlled through the mouse wheel.

Most of these things could be changed in the Options menu. To gain access to the choices menu, click on the menu at the foot of the screen, or visit the Options menu by pressing O. Select the “Key Mapping” tab a customized controls and what keys do what.

Aion Elyos Level 1-10 Guide
There’s also a “Game Options” tab that allows you to definitely personalize the User Interface and chose which functions can be found during game play. For instance, you are able to toggle a “distance to target” display, enable a setting that displays numbers on Health and Mana bars, or look at the target’s target. Once you have a setup that works well for you personally, start your trip. You can always return later and alter the options.

The next thing to complete is to establish the Quickbar. By pressing K you can access all your current skills, emotes and actions. Set these on the Quickbar so they feel natural and comfortable for you. If you’re a new comer to the overall game, be sure to possess the? Return skill bound to the Quickbar, that will allow you to go back to the start area in the event you become lost. It’s additionally a good idea to achieve the “Loot” action certain to the Quickbar, that will allow you to loot any monsters you defeat.

Once you have the Quickbar set up, you are prepared to start!

Level 1 ;

Aion Elyos Level 1-10 Guide
Look for an NPC (Non Player Character) with a blue arrow over their scalp. Nowhere arrow indicates that the NPC has a Quest. Double click or right click on the NPC to interact with them. Start the Quest and do as instructed.

When you acquire Kerubar Hunt, which requires you to kill Striped Kerubs, you’ll be brought to Aion’s combat. One of the simplest ways to target enemies would be to click on them. You can also target the closest in range target by pressing Tab. To fight the target, click the icons on the Quickbar, or press the related keys about the keyboard.