How to Gearing up for PVP : Armor Sets Guide

Aion 2.7 PVP Armor Guide

This really is something I’ve finally selected posting when i think it is definitely important and I wish I had thought it was. I will start with basic rules of being effective in combat (flight combat, rifting is dead stop crying about it).

1) Carry Flight Potions (Major Wind Serums or higher) and Carry Speed Scrolls (Greater Raging Wind Scrolls). This is important to make sure you don’t fall for your death and that you are able to keep up together with your opponent.

Aion 2.7 PVP Armor Guide2) Max your flight speed. This is done 1 way and 1 way only. Helmet, Chest, Pants. These 3 items offer you flight speed boosts, in conjunction with a 30% speed scroll you’ll be very quickly within the air. How do you get this gear? The crafted lvl 33 chest and helmet provide flight speed but there’s also a choice of Impish gear. That we recommend! More detail coming up.

Stages of Abyss Item Progression:
All players agree the 1st stage moving toward gear up for Aion PVP is Accessories, they’re cheap, provide great stat bonuses, and supply pvp damage. The popular belief was that gold accessories was the very best strategy, boy will i regret following that belief.That needs to be your goal if you’re a physical damage dealer, change to aquamarine if you use magic.

When you reach level 40 the above mentioned goal is easily possible. What now?

At this point I believe it depends on your class. But I would recommend PVP Armor. Exactly what do I recommend? Easy! Get the 30E set. Previously I imagined the 40 blue set was the better to start with, but when you read on you will find that Thelx does a great job of mentioning the stats when compared to lvl 40 blue set. The level 30 elite set is definitely superior but still is cheaper in silver medals although not greatly AP more.

Aion 2.7 PVP Armor Guide
Aion 2.7 PVP Armor Guide

I picked up two blue pieces of lvl 40 gear and 2 gold bits of elite 30 jewelry. I regret each of this stuff, I ought to have flipped it and picked up all lvl 30 blue jewelry and also the lvl 30E gold armor pieces. It is important to consider is to ‘t be discouraged by twinks killing you, they’ve an inferiority complex, put a group together and smash them. Add constructive changes, remember this is perfect for casual players who want to reach end game and whose focus is Aion PVP, not twinking and destroying people they outgear drastically.