[Release] Aionnav

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Credit : Powder2010 (AionHacker Guru from mmoelites.com)

- Now with Flight Nav & Aether Gathering. Working with 2.0 -
- A very easy to use navagation / Gathering / Aether Gathering.

Download link[Release] Aionnav

Simply record your route and play ;
It will autogather anything within the distance selected while it runs along a path if you have Gather On checked on. No need for macros or typing in gathering points. Its fully automatic, and will not attempt to gather things over your skill level.

Can be used with multiple clients on one machine.
Everything runs in the background!!

Choose a file name, Choose the inverval between waypoints in ms. The start anywhere checkbox will allow the route to be loaded in any zone you are in.

double click the route you wish to play from the list and click play.

Reverse Route:
Will play the route backwards

Loop Route:
Will loop the route over and over, does not work in conjuction with reverse route at the moment.

Gather On:
Turns on the gathering feature the number to the right is the distance to stray from path to gather.

Check Aggro:
Will sense aggro and fight the mob(s)

Things to add in near future :
- auto-updating (done)
- aether gathering(done)
- flight navigation(done)
- npc manipulation
- simple self defence (done)
- route visualization (done)

- Working with 2.0 - 2.1.01
- Added in a check for when the chat dialog is open so it will pause and wait till you are finished typing before continuing gathering
- Fixed an annoying bug with the recording of flight paths

To use the self defence feature please read this carefully:
1. Place a macro in "1", this will be pressed after how many seconds you choose in the Use Atk box
2. Place loot into "2"
3. Place a buff macro in "3", this will be used while walking around and not during fights. Choose how many seconds you want in between presses.
4. Rest key must be "," it will rest after your hp < 40% and get back up at 95%
5. You must have your Target Nearest Corpse keybind set to "y" or it will not loot after fighting.
6. Place health pot in "5" and choose the hp you wish to start using them at. (This only is on during battles)
7. Place flight pots in "6" and chose how many seconds they restore, it will wait exactly that many seconds then pop a pot.

Full FT will rest for full flight time after the path has completed if you have Loop Route checked off.
Pause After, will pause for x amount of seconds after a path is completed and Loop Route is checked off

The bot will sense aggro, fight off multiple mobs then loot them all after.
Kebinds are next on the agenda.
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