[Release] Aion Ingame Translator V 2.1

Hack Aion, [Release] Aion Ingame Translator V 2.1
This translator reads the clipboard and searches for the keywords "/trel" (translate to elyos) and "/tras" (translate to asmodians). If it finds such a keyword, it translates the text found in the clipboard. That means thist tool DOES NOT read Aion's memory but the windows clipboard. To translate a piece of text type in your aion chat: "/trel" or "/tras" and then your text.  After that klick ctrl + b (or register your own hotkey in my program). Now the translated text is in the aion chatbox.

Features :
1. Works in background, you don't see any window ingame.
2. Reads and Writes the Clipboard, you just need to type "/tras yourtext" or "/trel yourtext" in the chat and press ctrl + b and the text is translated.
3. You can translate what members of the other race wrote to you, if you simply change the mode from "/trotherraceshortcut" to "/tryourraceshortcut" and type in the text that the other person wrote.
Update : Version 2.1.1 is out!
1. Changed the hotkeys from ctrl + b AND ctrl + v to ctrl + b (is much easier now)
2. People who weren't able to use the hotkeys should now be able to use them.
3. Changed border style to fixed.
4. You need .NET Framework 4.0!

*Remark : If you find any bugs or want any new features, please just pm to Mr.Rajin (mmoelites.com member) by post it in Aion Ingame Translator V 2.1 forum << this include download link
If you think this tool is useful, please hit the Thank to him at above forum. Moreover, I introduce you to test his Aion Bot name "Rajin's Bot" as this link Aion Bot [Rajin's Bot]

PS: Big thanks to Lichtfels for the translator method.