Aion Bot [Rajin's Bot]

Aion Bot [Rajin's Bot]
May I introduce you the interesting Aion Bot, develop by Guru from name Mr.Rajin and his website is << Please visit and download. . . let's go to see his cool bot feature!!

"On this small Website I want to share my work with you!
Some projects I'm working on at the moment"
I wrote this bot mainly to see if I'm able to write a bot, but i decided to release it to public and i hope that it's useful for you

A gathering Bot for Aion, written in C#
- Save and load waypoint files.
- Simple menu.
- Hotkey to close (end - key)
- Aether gathering (flight mode)
- List of Waypoints
- Emergency Landing (not 100% working)
- Use flight pots
- Set delay between waypoints
- set delay between gathering

Supported Versions: (version 1.2.0)
2.0 - 2.1 (version 1.1.0)
For players on private servers: just tell me your exact aion version, maybe i''ll update it for you.

Show waypoint list in the main menu, not only in the record dialogue
background mode (I don't know if I ever will add this feature)
I hope you like it,
Credit : Rajin