[Release] Aion-Autologin

Aion Cheats-Autologin
Aion-AutoLogin Version: 2102a
Aion Client Version: 2.0- NA
Author : Plushie
Site : http://aion-mate.tk

Current Features:
-Automatically Logs In
-Automatically Enters Character Pin
-Anti AFK

To use, place all the files into the aion directory and edit the AionLogin.txt with your login details.
It uses a proxy DLL so that it will load up whenever you open the game without having to manually inject it.
If you think I need your account details, you're under no obligation to use this.
As I've only been able to test this on mine and my girlfriends pc's, the locations of where it clicks may still be rather buggy.
For logging in, the aion window needs to be in the foreground so it can send the keypresses.
Let me know if this works for you or completely fails and I'll see what I can do.

Download Links:

-Aion-Login software is released "As-Is" and you use it totally at your own risk of getting banned or losing a leg.
-Aion-Login may not be redistributed by anyone other than Mr.Plushie without express permission. If you'd like to let other people know about it, 
please link them to http://aion-mate.tk