[Release] Hack Aion-Aion Multi Tool (

Hack Aion,Aion Multi Tool Aion Multi Tool ( Hack Aion,Aion Multi Tool

- Aion Ingame Translator, working with hotkey.
- No Animation
- No Flight Cooldown
- If you want any new features or find any bugs just write in this thread or pm Mr.Rajin (mmoelites.com member).

Just launch Aion, Login, choose your character, start the tool.
Select the features you want to use --> happy hacking ^^
Before you relog you should untick noanim and no flight cd because if you don't your game may crashes.

You get a little tutorial on the ingame translator if you press the Help button.
Supported Versions:
2.0 (I'm playing on a private server with this version, I wasn't able to get offsets of
coming soon: (I found a private server with, I'm going to find the offsets in some days)

The Thanks him in the forum isn't dangerous! If this tool helped you, please thank him in download link forum above^^