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Aion Crafting Bot
Credit : Mr. PharmerPhale
link : Workorder4 • Aion Crafting Bot

What it does / Features:
• Completes work order quests for you
• Supports Elyos and Asmodean Alchemy, Armorsmithing, Cooking, Handicrafting, Tailoring, Weaponsmithing
• Supports background mode
• Supports multiple Aion Clients
• Easy One-Time Setup
• Uses Memory Reading and Writing which at this time is safe

• Video - YouTube Video Setup

• Macro - View Image
Aion Crafting Bot

  1. Open your macro window in Aion
  2. Click the FIRST slot at the top of the list. If you already have a macro there, copy it to another slot.
  3. Either create or edit this macro in the first slot.
  4. Make sure it's the first slot, It's easy to overlook how important this is.
  5. The macro title can be whatever you want.
  6. The macro content must be one line only, we've found that /Sleep works well.
  7. Save your macro.
  8. Drag your new macro into the FIRST slot on your main quickbar.

• Misc
  1. Purchase the materials you'll need.
  2. Make sure you have some kinah for skill upgrades if you want it to move to the next level(s).
  3. Clear your quest log of all Work Orders.
  4. Clear your Aion screen of all windows that can be closed.
• Program
  1. Target the Work Order NPC - you should see it's name and your profession appear in WorkOrder4
  2. Press start and go do more interesting things
• This is early beta and I didn't get the chance yet to add the two important detection items I wanted to.
• WorkOrder4 will send you a message box letting you know if you failed a quest. It will continue doing work orders even if your skill is maxed out.
• Please report any problems you have that aren't related to quest failing or upgrading skill level.
• Issue: The program crashes during the intro.
Fix: Press escape directly after you login and skip the intro, this is a known issue.

• Issue: Unable to log into the program.
Fix: Make sure you're using your forum login and password, display names are not login names and e-mails won't work.
Fix: Reboot your computer!
Fix: Reset your password, only use numbers and letters.
Fix: If your IP changes a lot, it may be blocked to prevent account sharing. Please make a ticket.

• Issue: Can't find Aion or Modules.
Fix: Run this program as administrator.
Fix: Disable DEP, or add an exception for this program.
Fix: Last resort - Disable UAC / Firewall

*If you still need help, please open a support ticket (at and give all the information in the template.
No support provided for Infinite Aion or other private servers - use at your own risk!
TODO (Note: Current version includes these problems/bugs, a checkmark here means it's fixed in the NEXT RELEASE)
• Add quest failure handling
• Add auto-upgrade skill level