[Release] Targetlevel - Support Infinite Aion

This fine tool, was originally developed by Yamachi and was released as source code,
I have been doing a few changes to the code and here is the latest version.

Here is a few pictures to show it in action:
Aion CheatsInfinite Aion HacksAion BotsInfinite Aion Hacks

Currently I don't play Aion (might take it up again at some point in time, but who knows), so I really rely on the community to share problems, I however do test after a patch to see that the tool is functioning ... but you shouldn't expect major changes to the tool like added features and such, but I do plan to keep the tool alive in it's current state.

It support both x86 & x64 systems, but should you have problems do leave me some feedback about it then.

Current Aion Client version supported: 2.0-
Only official support for NA/EU Aion Client.

This tool might also support InfiniteAion, this is due to shared offset's not a developer decision, but if you are having problems using this with InfiniteAion you can leave some feedback and I might see if I can fix it.

TargetLevel_1.5.1.11 support the Old Aion Client version:,,, & so on.

This tool use MemoryReading only.
*Memory reading is currently the safest and undetected method. Programs simply read the memory without any possible detection of presence.

Enjoy people.
Credit : Zilvermoon - Developer/Maintainer of [Aion] - TargetLevel