Aionhacker Tool 2 • Aion Hack Pack

Aion Hack 2.5

Credit : Mr. PharmerPhale
link : Aionhacker Tool 2 • Aion Hack Pack

Support will not be provided for Non-English Aion or IA / Private Servers.
Tested under Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit (6.1, Build 7600) English

Hacks & Tools :
• AntiAFK - Stops Aion from logging you out when you go away from the keyboard.
• No Clip - Stops your character from getting stuck on ground items and can allow you to move through some walls.
• ZoomHack - Allows you to zoom out further than Aion will normally let you.
• Gravity - Allows you to walk in the air as if it were ground. Move Up and Down on a Z-axis.
• AutoChain - Uses your chain abilities as soon as they become available.
• AutoReact - Uses your reactive abilities as soon as they become available.
• SuperJump - Allows you to jump higher than normal.
• NoAnimation - Allows you to skip stupid animations that slow your play down.
• HatHack - Enables you to see all vitality and aether nodes on your in-game radar.
• Console - Allows you access the game designer console.

Features :
• Title randomization for enhanced security
• Keybinds for important tools
• Supports multiple clients
• Minimizes to system tray, mouse-over tray icon for details

TODO (Note: Current version includes these problems/bugs, a checkmark here means it's fixed in the NEXT RELEASE)
• Add NoHide for both PCs and NPCs
• Engineer a clicking alternative
• Add exclusion list for autochain/react.

TODO (not urgent)
• Add a PVP Tool (like my skiller program)
• Add Increased Entity View
• Add Fixed 360Hack
• Add Mouse-Over-Item vendor price display