How to Avoid Bans - Aion Account Safety Tips

Credit : Mr.PharmerPhale
Link : How to Avoid Bans - Aion Account Safety Tips

1. Don't use RMT (Real Money Trading) services. This means don't buy Kinah, items, or accounts. Personal sales are at your own discretion.
2. Research the bots and hacks you're using and the methods they employ. Some methods are considered safer to use than others.

Note: Methods listed below are in order of safety (in my opinion)
 - Pixels - The programs reads the color pixel data from your screen and never interacts with the Aion client.
 - Memory Reading - The program gets it's information by reading memory values in Aion's memory space on your computer.
 - Memory Writing - The program overwrites values in Aion's memory space on your computer.
 - File Mods - The programs requires you to modify your Aion files, or modifies them for you.
 - Injection - The programs injects it's code into Aion's memory space and it runs from there.
 - Packets - The programs manipulates the datastream communication between the Aion servers and your computer.
3. Don't tell other people that you're using Aion hacks - Aion bots. Some people don't understand and even if you think they are your friends they might report you.
4. NEVER use your Aion account login and password on community sites like as their databases are the target of account thieves.
5. ONLY use the NCSoft launcher when you need to update Aion. The launcher is speculated to have some type of scanning properties that can get you banned. Instead, use the .bat file to launch Aion. Place it in in your Aion folder and run it when you want to use Aion.

Aion Botting :
1. Don't leave your bot unattended for long periods of time. You don't want to be that guy running into a wall for 7 hours.
2. Don't use community posted paths, they may be monitored. Make your own large paths if possible, one that takes you hours to complete a loop.
3. It's a good idea NOT to be part of an active legion / guild if you bot often.

Aion Hacking :
1. Don't use hacks that are obvious to others, around others. (ie. teleporting, damage, etc)
2. Keep checking back to the forums where you got the hack to see if anyone else is getting banned for using them.

If you have tips to add to this list, please send Mr.PharmerPhale a private message at and he will consider adding them.