[Release] H2O [] X64 >Info Boxes,No Animation,Anti Afk,Multi-Launcher

Credit : Mywk (mmoelites.com member)
Tested & Working with: WinXP, Win7 x64, Vista x64, Server2008, +++
AION Version:
Aion Cheats

Features :
- TargetBox (Allows you to see basic target stats, but in their real values (Curr HP/Max, Lvl (Allows seeing Enemy level), Status, etc..).
- LookoutBox (Allows you to see who's targeting you, enemies around and whatever you configure it to show (Name, Level and Class)).
- Aion Live Informer (From any hotkey you choose, you will be able to instantly check the target stats, only works for Official Servers).
- Aion Multi-Launcher & Auto-Login (Creates a shortcut that opens your Aion Client bypassing the NCLauncher process, you can set up different shortcuts for different servers).
- Fully Configurable (From the windows positions to its colors, you can configure almost everything).
- Profiles (Allows you to save different settings for different circumstances).

Features :
- Anti Afk (No more getting disconnected for being away).
- No Animation (Allows you to perform actions at a faster rate).
New version! allows you to disable character animations completely. These animation changes only show up on your screen, other players don't notice the change.
- Aion Limit Patcher (Allows you to launch more than 2 instances of the game).

Note: Login and Password are the same as you use in MMOElites! << This include download link

Aion Cheats

Q. My H2O disappeared!!!
A. Its in your tray.

Q. There is a bug, I want you to add something to the program, or I have a suggestion!
A. Every word is welcome, just post below and I'l see what I can do for you.

Q. It doesn't detect my Aion client!
A. Login your character and it will detect it.

Q. It is not working in the Private Server I play!
A. I do not support Private Servers at all, HOWEVER, if you play in a private server with the same version as my program and it doesn't work just let me know whats wrong. Please note that Aion Live Informer only works for Official servers.

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Waiting for bug reports, opinions and Ideas!
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