Warder2 • Aion Bot (Beta) [Bot, Healbot, Out-Of-Party Healer, Helper bot]

Aion Bot 2.5
Credit : Mr. PharmerPhale
link : Aionhacker Tool 2 • Warder2 • Aion Bot (Beta)

What is it? What can it do?
Warder is a tool with many possible uses including but not limited to:
• Making a healer (or dps) character follow your main around and helping.
• Multibox X amount of characters while controlling just one main.
• Perform attacks and heals even if you're playing by yourself.

1. Launch all the Aion clients you'll be using and log in.
2. You need to have "THE MACRO", on ALL characters.
Aion Bot 2.5

3. Launch 1 Warder per character, one at a time and follow the directions.
4. If you use to tab to target on your main then it's a good idea to unbind TAB on the other toons as it sometimes gets passed to background clients.

• Add an assist delay option / variable on setup to let tanks get threat
• Fix performance issue, specifically entity list (makes warders run off in the distance)
• Add adjustable following distance option to setup
• Add a global resting option