[Release] Aioncsearch

Aion Cheats PVP

Credit : Moko
link : Aioncsearch

This is a really simple idea but very useful I think, it's basically an application that will sit ontop of aion (sort of like an overlay but not an ACTUAL overlay) and you can use the hotkey "SHIFT + F" to make it hide or re-appear, it is used for those situations where you're roaming around, rifting or just general pvping and you want to check someones level and or gear quickly, you can just hit the hotkey, type the name, hit enter and it's done then hotkey again to hide the window. I find this very useful all the time so thought i would share it here, coded in C#.

this is just the first draft and didn't take very long but if there is more features you would like to see just let Moko know by PM him on download link below the picture.

Edit: Realised I didn't add an option to search between EU and NA servers, now added.