Anti-AFK Aion Bot Background Mode [AutoIt]

First Introduce you for Aion Skill Hack ,Aion Speed Hack and Aion Radar Hack
In Aion, as with most online games, there is a limit to how long you can be connected and idle for. The limit currently set is 60 minutes. With the Anti-AFK hack you are able to sit completely idle for up to 24 hours.
This Anti-AFK Aion bot code can made simple with background mode when Aion Online is minimized.So the scrips can do something else as ;

- It just hit "P" every 10 sec.
"It's just a simple auto-it script that constantly does something on your Aion Online game to prevent the game form disconnecting you form the server, good if you go afk for a long time and servers are full.The script will keep your character alive."

- It works on both Windowed and Full screen mode.
- Work on Window Vista x64, Window 7 x64, Window XP x84

Aion Botting ;
Run Aion Online and then start the .exe. Push 'pause' (should be above your 'page-up' key)

Aion Bot [Anti-AFK]

Usage Examples to use this Anti-AFK Aion bot
• Using a second account to party with while your main character solo's an instance.
• Running a private store.

If you want randomization to the keypresses (for impossible to be caught or banned for using a clicker) this Anti-AFK Aion bot code is your alternative ;