How to Dupe Stackables and Kinah

Aion Kinah guideThe following post is an Aion player uncover his cheating method in Aion Online. He want to make change and quit the cheating. Now, let’s reading his post which may help you in aion online.

just cuz i’m not playin anymore, and don’t really care about it, i’ma tell you how to dupe stackable items/Aion kinah.

1.) Load up two clients
2.) Get what items/kinah you want to dupe and put it into your account warehouse
Aion Kinah guide3.) Relog
4.) Take out max amount of possible items leaving 1 left. Ex.) You have 1k items, withdraw 999 | To dupe kinah, just withdraw all of it.
5.) Use your other client to dc you. Now time yourself, don’t log in too quickly otherwise it’ll dc you. Count about four seconds before you accept the ToS and 2-4 seconds before you actually log onto your character.
6.) Withdraw everything and make sure the items combine into a stack.
7.) Relog

You can also dupe with just a single stackable item, it’s just more tedious.
1.) Load up two clients
2.) Put 1 stackable item into account warehouse
3.) Relog
Aion Kinah guide4.) Withdraw it
5.) Follow step 5 above
6.) Withdraw it, and separate it into two stacks
7.) Put it back into the account warehouse into two stacks
8.) Relog
9.) Take out both stacks, put into one, then separate into two. Then relog.

if done properly, you’ll end up with a whopping stack of 2 (too much work for it, but it’s worth it for platinum medals/any hard to get material.)