Aion Kinah Farming Guide : How To Make Farming Kinah in Aion

Aion Kinah Farming Guide

Kinah is most important in Aion, Aion eveyone who plays every need, so this time I picked up the guidelines that indicate how Kinah in Aion, hope you like!

One of you should note, this guide is in the mid-30s, an article concerning the level of 50 Farming, because the cutting force is not the level of the 50 game at the moment.

Aion Kinah Farming GuideMost believe that with the exorbitant prices of their wings at 30 today at a price of 1,000,000 Kinah, and wings at level 40 at a price of 12 million Kinah is much more than that should be allocated in the current of most economies server. At current prices and some of the best methods of cultivation, it would take nearly a week Aion Kinah million for the average player. Therefore, you are looking for about three months before they could offer a level of 40 wings, and that agriculture is several hours each day of the week. Problems are messages bots most things in the thousands per day low price making it very difficult to find really much in the corridor. belief of many people of the routine is very slow, and the time needed for the collection work is just as slow. If you need help in leveling or gathering information and updating Digest Aion. This is a great resource.

Aion Kinah Farming GuideThere are some points on the farm Aion Kinah usually always sold well, even at a lower price if needed. Titanium and adamantium be your best sellers. Remember that you can vary significantly depending on the server, but due to high demand of these products are often sold very well. Titanium requires a skill of 100 to extract and adamantium requires a skill level of 200 to extract.

Titanium is the best place: Eltnen Titanium Agriculture Forest

You’re just hitting the rim of all nodes in titanium, and hope to those high ratings. However, the quality is not so much for your hourly wage, it helps to increase.

The best place to adamantium is: forests Eltnen Adamantium

Aion Kinah Farming Guide
Aion Kinah Farming Guide

Only circle and bearing in mind that you have the potential for high quality and pure adamantium. At this stage of the game is one of the most profitable minerals to grow due to the implementation of the court.