Aion Elyos Level 6-7 Guide

Aion Elyos Level 1-10 Guide
Aion Elyos Level 6-7 Guide

Level 6 ;

Once at Akarios Village, pick up any new Quests and head back to Daminu Forest; it’s time to hunt some pigs, Shortbristle Bellepigs to be precise. Be on the lookout for the Sleeping Elim Elders that will appear as green dots on your Minimap. Speak with two of these sleeping Elim and finish hunting down eight pigs then return to the hill where Namus and company are.

Start on the next part of the new Campaign Quest, Illegal Logging, and head deeper into the forest to confront the Dukaki who are logging the area. Watch out for Worgs and the Dukaki, these will be some of the first aggressive monsters you encounter; if you get too close they will attack you!

Follow the path until you can see Melponeh’s Campsite, go there and turn in any Quests that you can, as well as pick up any Quests that are available to you.

One of the Quests you will pick up is called Thinning the Worgs, this is a nice Quest that gives a lot of XP. You will also get a few Quests for the Agaric Spore Road, you can ignore those for now and do them later. First things first; get the Campaign Quest, Illegal Logging done followed by Thinning Out the Worgs.

Run back through the forest towards the village and continue the Campaign Quest by speaking with Daminu. Once the cutscene is finished you will need to return to the Akarios Village to claim your reward. Using the Return Skill is a quick way to return you to the village, but be warned that you can only use the Skill once every 20 minutes.

Level 7 ;

This latest Campaign Quest will reward you with a weapon. Unless you received a rare weapon drop, this should be the best weapon you have come across. Equip it and grab all the remaining Quests in Akarios Village, use your Level 7 Skillbooks, and rework your Quickbar. After you have cleared your inventory of miscellaneous items and made some Kinah, you can take the Flightpath in the village to fast travel to Melponeh’s Campsite and grab any Quests that you can there.

Aion Elyos Level 1-10 Guide
Travel down the Agaric Spore Road and speak with Pernos, grab his Quest to locate his friend Tutty. Head up north and follow the path, killing the Krall and Dukaki as you see fit. After you have passed a rickety watchtower on the right, you will notice a raised area to the left. Head up there to discover the fate of Tutty and complete the Quest. Be sure to kill at least 12 Dukaki while you are up there to finish the first part of the Campaign Quest, Neutralizing Odium.

Return to Pernos and report Tutty’s fate to him. Pick up the next Quest in the Questline, Avenging Tutty. Also be sure to report to Oz and grab the next step in Neutralizing Odium. Next head back up to where Tutty was found and start taking revenge on the gluttonous Dukaki.

Be on the lookout for the black hooded Tursin Big Boss as well; you will need to defeat 3 of these before you return to Pernos and Oz. Once you have the Wooden Spoons, you need to head deeper in to find the Odium Cauldron. You need a sample from the cauldron to take to Pernos. Return to Oz and finish up the Campaign Quest, then head over to Pernos and turn in his Quests while starting the next step in the Campaign Quest, Neutralizing Odium.