Aion Mentor System : leveling faster and easier

Aion Mentor System
The purpose of the Mentor System in Aion online is to unite high level players and low level players under a common goal. While being mentored, the mentee receives XP and unrestricted loot drops, while the mentor earns token rewards that can be used to purchase Fabled and Eternal equipment.

Advantages for Mentors:

Elyos mentors receive Orichalcum Tokens and Asmodian mentors receive Circle Tokens, which can be exchanged for Fabled and Eternal armor, weapons, and accessories, as well as other special items.

Advantages for Mentees:

Mentees level up faster and easier by defeating difficult monsters, and score some sweet loot! The basic pre-requisite to become a mentor is to be more than ten levels above the lowest level character in the group.

Becoming a Aion Mentor:

Select ’Start Mentoring’ to get started! Form a group with a character that is ten or more levels below the mentor.
The mentor selects the mentee, and in the Group menu (right-click the mentee’s name), selects Start Mentoring. Mentorship ends when either the mentor or the mentee leaves the group.


Most high level characters can mentor one low level character.
Low level characters cannot become mentors; only high level characters can become mentors.
Mentors do not receive XP, items, or Kinah.
Mentees receive XP based on the levels of the group members, excluding the mentor.
Item loot rights are only given to the mentee(s).

Aion Mentor System
A wing icon indicates which Group member is the mentor. Mentor quests can only be completed while acting as a mentor, because:

The quest item or objective is only available to players who are mentors.
The mentee must click on the item or monster to complete the quest.
Aion Players can be joined to both a mentor organization and a daily quest organization at the same time; there is no need to quit a daily quest organization to receive mentor quests. When a player is part of both a mentor organization and a daily quest organization, two daily quest icons will appear on the player’s user interface. Players can use the Looking for Group function (click Shift+V) to find a Mentor Group or mentor.

When using the Looking for Group interface, check the Mentor option to find a mentor.

The Game Guide team will continue to update this section with more FAQs.

Question: Can a Group have more than one mentor?

Answer: Yes, the Group can have more than one mentor, and the XP and loot any mentees in the Group earn will not be affected. Any players in the Group eligible to be mentors can click ’Start Mentoring’ on the mentee and become a mentor.

Question: What happens if someone in the Group is not a mentor, but is more than ten levels higher than a mentee?

Aion Mentor System

Answer: XP and drop rates would be adversely affected in this scenario, just as if a lower level player formed a Group with a high level player without the Mentor System. Bottom line: be sure all high level players in the Group opt to be mentors.