[Release + Cheats] Aionscript (All Servers) full support for Aion & Infinite Aion


This project is known as AionScript, which has been created in order to get an easy-to-use interface with Aion, allowing users to create scripts to automate game play or assist in playing. Have you ever wanted a specific tool but nobody made it yet? This is your chance!

Scripting with Lua and .NET
Scripting is the primary goal and power of AionScript and allows everyone to create and share scripts that control your character or help you while playing the game. Anything you wish to automate can be made; from assisting in gameplay by using dispel to completely automated gathering and/or hunting! Do not rely on tools written by others any longer, take the initiative and realize the tools you desperatly wanted through the simple scripting language powered by AionScript. Your only limit is your own imagination!

Extending the power of AionScript
While scripting gives you an extremely powerful platform to write your own tools on, extensions go even further! Powered by the same programming interface, extensions can fully utilize the additional features provided by the .NET framework. Write your own visual components using traditional Windows Forms and display them on top of the game, write complex application-wide logic and influence the game beyond the capabilities of a script. You already have two extensions when you download AionScript; an entities extension and a radar extension (the infamous cheating extension is a seperate download on the site).

Backwards compatability and private server support!
Any version that has once been supported by AionScript and is used anywhere in the community, will stay supported (all the way back to 2.0, since 1.9 is no longer used on any server). There's absolutely no need to use an old and buggy version of the application to play on a different Aion version! We also keep on top of the developments in the private server world and have complete support for all possible features on Infinite Aion. If there is any private server with custom client-side modifications that interrupts or detects AionScript, please notify me via e-mail or a private message.

Powerful cheating capabilities!
If you don't like using the scripting engine to automate tasks and give you an edge in combat, perhaps you are more interested in the extensive amount of cheating capabilities in AionScript! The cheat extension, unofficially supported, allows you to do a variety of things and includes full support on the infamous Infinite Aion server (yes, teleportation works too).
- Show an ingame ESP displaying the class/health of players! Screenshot proof!
- Increase your attack range to infinite or add an extendable weapon range!
- Increase your attack speed (no-animation) to double speed or maximum speed.
- Increase your movement speed to run faster without warping; or go super fast.
- Disable flight cooldown and lock your Z-axis position while gliding (perfect glide).
- Disable gravity for your own character; other characters are visually correct!
- Teleportation via customizeable X, Y and Z-position and save locations to a list!
- Click-to-teleport based on the click-to-move system; or teleport to a target!
- Optional safety protocols to avoid having your cheats spotted!

Community sharing scripts, extensions, ideas and suggestions!
Connect with the community of other AionScript users and share your creativity! You can discuss the application, find/request/share scripts, post your idea's and suggestions and find find/request/share extensions! It is also possible to learn the ins- and outs of the scripting engine using tutorials and the support center. Take advantage of scripts posted by other users, such as...
- Automated aether- and essencetapping with pathing/potion support.
- Automated grinding with target searching, pathing and four classes scripted!
- Automated healing-bot, full party support and tested against Stormwing!
- Automated crafting using the amazing dialog system, hit start and walk away!
- Assistance scripts, such as potion usage when silenced or auto remove-shock!
- Miscellaneous scripts such as automatic potion usage and super glide!

So what are you waiting for? Join the revolution of AionScript today! >> http://www.aionscript.com/index.php/topic,38.0.html/