[Release] Aion Dupe Method For Stackable Items (Working)

THIS IS FOR GAMEZAION (Private Server), may not work elsewhere. -PP

Make your Aion in Window mode , make the window smaller so that you can switch between 2 aion clients easily

You only will be using 1 account in dupe process but you need 2 aion clients.
You can use this process to dupe ANY stackable items and you can dupe many stacks in your inventory all at once if you have space

*** READ Slot 1 , Slot 2 , Slot 3 information carefully****

1) Open 2 aion clients , on first aion client login to your account, go into your character that you want to dupe items , 2nd aion client type in your ID and Password (same ID and Password as the account in your 1st aion client) - do not login to 2nd client - just type in the account ID and Pw so you can switch to it fast.

2) Open your inventory, put your stackable item into an empty slot ( we will call this Slot 1) in your inventory and make sure that there are empty slots around the item (ex 1000 running scrolls). RELOG (if your stackable item is not moved from warehouse , you dont have to relog)

3) In your Slot 1 , your 1000 running scrolls is there, Hold SHIFT and Click and drag the 1000 scrolls to the empty slot beside Slot 1, Type 999 (or Slot 1 amount - 1) , we call this Slot 2

Slot 1 = 1 running scroll , Slot 2 = 999 running scroll

Always Slot 1 amount subtract one for Slot 2 amount (ex slot 1 = 499 l70 stones , then you must make Slot 1= 1 stone , Slot 2 = 498 stones)

4) Shift + Right click on Slot 2 stack , then type 1 to take away 1 item from slot 2 stack

Slot 1 = 1 running scroll , slot 2 = 998 scroll , Slot 3 (automatic random empty slot) = 1 running scroll

Make sure your stack is separated into 3 parts in 3 slots in your inventory

5) Make your Aion Clients Small so that you can make them on top of each other. Click on Client #1 (your character logged in , with items divided) , Client #2 make sure you type in your account ID and PW already

6) (You need to be quick in this step) Close Client #1 with the X at the top right corner of the window, quickly click log in on Client #2 (where you typed your ID and PW already)-> go into your character with the items quickly

When you login you will see your stackable items are back to Slot #1 (Slot #1 now have 1000 running scrolls)

7) Click and Drag the stackable item in Slot #1 (1000 running scrolls) to the Slot #2 Position (where you had 998 scrolls before you closed the client)

RELOG ( very important *** relog after you put the stack to SLot 2 position)

8) Volla! When you relog and go into your character again there will be ( 1000 running scroll, 1 running scroll, 1 running scroll, 998 running scroll (DUPED! =D)


You can dupe many stacks at once in your inventory, just leave enough space so that you can divide your stackable items in to 3 parts.