Aion Instant Flight []

Aion Instant Flight
Tested on Aion Retail Europe

What this does, is it allows you to use any flightpath and arrive at your destination within 1-2 seconds. Make moving around the Aion world a lot faster and convenient.

So here it is!
Free Download Aion Bot : Aion Instant Flight []

1) Download the attachment at the bottom of this post.
2) Go to: AionEU/Data/flightpath
3) Rename flightpath.pak to flightpath.pak.BAK and backup in a different folder out of the Aion install. <-- important
4) Extract and paste the downloaded flightpath.pak into the flightpath folder.
5) Enjoy.

NOTE: You may need to download and use 7zip to extract the file without errors.

Credits go to the original author: geffon