Aion Bot [like Ninja]

Aion Bot [like Ninja]
hey guys i wanted to know if anyone can tell me if this bot is good? it seems amazing and i been reading of some chienase bot thats great but i have no real idea. its called AION BOT NINJA(aionninja).

i dont mind spending the money just seems shady any info be great. Need to get a bot that works soon cant grind any more losing my meat.

I know how tedious and time-consuming grinding is.

And the reality is that you have to grind to survive.

That's why I recommand Automouse2 GameBot.

Most effective & safe & wellknown bot in korea now available? worldwide.

Designed to easily bypass x-trap, nProtection and any conventional Gameguards.

and watch a video of the bot at work.


Ok, I know I said I'd do this once I got a char into the 20's and such but I thought it'd be pretty accurate doing one now for hunting (havent done crafting/aether gathering yet)

Ordering (10/10)
Pretty simple, just buy it and its shipped out. I went with the standard shipping and got it 2 days later. Double packed in shipping too.

Setting up (3/10 or 9/10)
Had a slight problem since the plug-in part wasnt like a normal USB and was a bit hard to get in, but it worked.
Now, heres the main problem I have with the bot. It doesn't work in background mode. I've currently got it running in vmware but with some problems.
1) The characters/mobs do not appear.
2) The mouse is ultra-sensitive and fucked up. I cant use the mouse for panning anymore since it always looks straight up or straight down.
The two above can be avoided if you only bot on your main or dont plan to run 2 clients on the same computer.

Aion Bot [like Ninja]
This can be avoided by going with another bot (I tried ktz for an hour and it worked in background).

So, for me to play my legit while botting I need to run vmware and a second aion client... Killer on my comp.
When I'm sleeping I just change it to my main system.

Hunting (3/10)
I've noticed many issues with this.
1) It doesnt always go for the nearest mob. I can run across my entire hunt area and it wont go for a single one
2) It doesnt always loot the mob even when my inventory has space
3) It doesn't use healing/rest properly. For example, if you set it to heal when your 99% or less on HP after a fight using odella and during the first fight a second mob aggros; once the first is dead it will try to heal, then go onto the next mob and after that mob it wont heal. So you'll likely go to the next mob with 50% or less HP.
4) If you die, the ressurect after X seconds doesnt work.
5) If you die, it will still try to return to hunt spot but without a path so you'll just run into a wall until you come and turn off your "IM A BOT!" message above your head...
6) Occasionally it targets an aggro (if you have aggro first on), runs to it and then retargets to a second aggro, goes to that and then goes to a 3rd mob and attacks.... and you're now trying to kill 3 mobs on you at once...

Aion Bot [like Ninja]
The good?
1) It kills mobs mostly fine
2) It has a sound alert when you die
3) You dont have to grind

Inventory management (1/10)
Ninja has the option to discard items if you dont need them which you define in a seperate tab. Nifty feature since low level full items aint worth too much... But I decided I'd just have it toss my useless manastones. Set all of them up except crit, attack and defense. It wiped my entire inventory. Thank god it didn't delete my equipped things.

Current consensus: Waste of money. May try SZ in the future.
I'll be doing a review on crafting and gathering (ground and aether) later.

If anyone wants to know specifics about something, do let me know. However I'm not going to try to use ninja on a ranger due to the problems already encountered.