Aion Bot [Daevatool]

DaevaTool is a BOT made for AION to automate the leveling part of the game which is, by far, the worst part. Also it has other features for the game as well.
Aion is a great game that just needs a bit of love through the developers, to make it better. Daeva Tool Team going on this project few months ago given that they saw what new stuff being released for Aion this season. Read the Video below if you haven’t seen it.Weather you play and quit Aion, or haven’t played it whatsoever. This season will be a good time for you to start playing it. Plus by using our bot you’ll appreciate it even more!
Well as mention above DaevaTool Team been working on DaevaTool for more than couple of months, and they are satisfied with the stable release for the beta to the public. So it’s there for you guys to try it. Get it here.
Please be aware this is just the beta of the basic function of the bot, it does not represent the ultimate discharge of it. We want to find out if other users get any errors and bugs from this. We can proundly say you can bot 1 to 50 and also over night with the beta bot.

Here a video of the bot in action this is all the bot doing no human interaction whatsoever.
*For more information check out the Forums at :
ust level up using a Bot, and have fun with your level 50 toon!
DaevaTool is kept updated very regularly so it can fit users need at anytime.

Features list:
• 100% passive BOT!
• User Friendly
• Flying Waypoints
• Minimum Bot Configuration
• Works with Infinite AION
• Advanced security system
• 100% Looting
• Simulates keypress as any player would
• Player Like combat system
• Advance Kiting System
• Create, Save, Load & Share waypoints
• Create, Save, Load & Share CustomClasses
• Two powerful waypoints system
• Nodes gathering
• Uses buffs/Pots etc..
• No need to create macros
• Much more ...
DaevaTool will only read datas from AION memory. It won't modify any structure nor inject any code in the game ! Our first priority is the safety of your account !

download the bot at :