Workorder Material Calculator Make Crafting Easier

Aion crafting bot
Credit : AionCraft++ <link>

This project was born out of a personal need. Like a lot of people, when I level up my crafts I like to clear my inventory, buy all materials, and then just churn on workorders for a couple of hours.
The Workorder Material Calculator makes it easier to do a lot of crafting in one session, by giving you a list of materials to buy. There were some lists floating around but they were all horribly outdated, so I wrote a Python script that parsed the required information from Aion Armory. The workorders don't really change, so it can be used for any Aion version.

How to use
1. Select craft, current skill and amount of skill points you want to gain. Press 'Select'.
2. The needed workorders are displayed.
3. Click the 'Calculate!' button to show the required materials and associated costs. Note that Elyos and Asmo workorders are identical.

For these numbers to be correct you must use the workorder at 10-19 skill points below your current level.
*The source file with raw workorder data is available for download XML format

Update: I updated the Material Calculator today to use data from my Craft Statistics project. Its estimates are VERY accurate now. Use it to save a lot of money!


PS: Here are some screenshots to give you an impression.
Aion crafting bot