Aion Bot 2.1, Aion Bot 2.0 [Rubot 1.4.x]

Aion Bot 2.1, Aion Bot 2.0 [Rubot 1.4.x]
Work on AION russian official servers and euroUA official.
And server verions Aion - Aion
Multi-language: English and Russian.

Key features:
- Fully automatic farm mobs on the ground and on the waypoints;
- Collection of resources on site and along the route, in the air and on
earth, with the response to the aggression attack mobs and players;
- Support active player on the exposed conditions and / or auto-attack the chosen target.
- Advanced Radar, showing all around, including resources, monsters, and players of the opposite race;
- Fighting a radar that shows the level and health of the target, the number of players of the opposite race and friendly.
- Uses skills by name;
- Auto chain;
- Auto buff through the specified period;
- Works with hidden processes;
- Craft with the possibility of cancellation.
Developer site: