Aion Multi Client Patcher 2.5 - Multiboxing Aion Hack

Here is a program that allows you to go above the 2.5 client limit in AION.
Credit :
Link : Aion Multi Client Patcher 2.1

What does it do?
Writes to memory to bypass the 2.5 client limit imposed by NCSoft.
How to use it?
• Run this program, it will be in the system tray.
• Open one Aion client at a time and wait for it to patch.
• When all clients are patched, you can safely pause or close the patcher.

Or follow this step :
• Run the program. It will show in your system tray.
• Open a client.
• Wait for a message box to appear saying that the client has been patched.
• Open another client.
Repeat steps 3 and 4 as many times as you want.

When you've opened all your clients, right click on the progam icon in the system tray and close it as it will use resources. Be sure to run the program again if you want to open up any more clients.
*May work on Aion private servers but I make no guarantee.*

6th June 2011 - Updated for
For Aion Client (Any Language)
For Aion Client 2.0 (Any Language)
For Aion Client 1.9 (Any Language)