Aion Bot [Aion Glider - Background Mode Bot]

Aion Bot [Aion Glider - Background Mode Bot]
So let's see, i saw alot of posts about Aion bots and it took me a while to decide which to use.

I've bought Daeva Tool and i liked it.
I've bought Angelsuite and i liked it.
After i bought Aion Glider i very loved it, especially the part of botting 2 bots per computer at the same time and still playing another game / watching a movie because of background mode.

I'm especially in love with the Fight & Gather feature.
And when they released the Event to pick up the Lollipops for Halloween event, Aion glider was the first to be able to pick them aswell. While Daeva and Angel still couldn't. ( Extra checked cause i wanted them )

This Aion bot is beeing updated with new features / fixes very fast, very easy to set up the bot. If you have problems / questions in the forum they answer very fast with solutions / help.

The waypoint system works either with reverse - From Point A - Z and back from Z - A. I prefer that method because i get less stuck. And of course you can choose the Waypoint to be circle. Or Camphunting ( bot dont move and fights the mobs around him ) You can either use death waypoint or disable it.

What i like aswell is the way Aion glider uses the skills, once setup it uses them as you told it to - in daeva/angelbot i always have the problem that my spiritmaster's pet lost aggro because it didnt used the skills as i told it to. But with Aion Glider my pet keeps aggro and only dies without any potions/herb threatment once every 300-500 mobs. If i would use potions no dying ^^. The bot especially loots the mob after the adds are dead too and loots them aswell. It detects gm's perfectly and logs you out. And yes it works tried it out.

In the last ban waves not many Aion glider bots have been banned - if you disable gm detection of course you get banned.

Dual Boxing works the following way, you start 2 aions - 2 versions of the bot you fix the keysend to both aions and then start them and at the same time go watch a movie. You shouldn't alt-tab or minimize but just put what you wanna use over aion and it works perfectly.

The bot can repeat quests aswell. Just record which item to loot or mob to kill and the bot will turn it in once completed and redo it as often as you like.

The Blacklisting works perfectly, the bot doesn't even target the mob/node.

Well now all the features listed without my extra explaination.
• Easy to setup & friendly UI
• Quest Repeater - bot repeatable quests (e.g platinum coin quest etc.)
• Dual-boxing - bot 2 different Aion accounts on the same computer
• 1-Kill mode - auto kill and loot the monster that you have currently targeted
• CampHunting mode - auto hunt monsters & gather resources without needing waypoint. Just drop your character at a camp then click START
• Advanced waypoint system - capture, clear, load your combat, travel and death paths
• You can add unlimited attack, healing skills, pots, macro etc.
• Advanced skill / chain system - execute your skills and chains automatically. You DO NOT HAVE to configure your skill cooldowns, skill key bindings, cast time etc.
• Smart Chain Skill Priority and Blacklist system - you can set Aion Glider to fire any chain skill before others or completely ignoring any chain skill
• Advanced recovery system - auto use bandage, hp, mana pots, heal spells, rest etc.
• Ultra fast, smooth resource gathering and no node stealing
• Smart AI - anti-stuck, target lvl restriction, blacklist, auto logout, anti-stuck, player detection
• True background mode (NO vmware or virtual pc) - play other games, surf the web, watch movies or use other applications while you bot
• Spiritmaster pet support - pull, rest, assist and resummon your pet etc.
• Blacklist NPCs by IDs or names
• Aggro detection - kills adds before searching for a new target
• Pull and kill aggressive(red) mobs before neutral(white) ones
• auto log off if player gets teleported by GM
• auto shutdown Aion and Glider if GMs appear near you
• Safety - auto stop, pause or log off if you're being followed by other players
• Alert if a nearby hostile player detected
• if you die, bot auto releases, rests, buffs and runs back to the previous hunting spot to continue to grind
• auto sell all misc when your inventory is full
• Stats - show your gained XP, XP/H, kills, deaths, time till level, gained kinah and kinah/hour
• support all classes
• support English, German and French clients
• support retail US, EU and Oceanic servers
• support Infiniteaion and other private servers

Aion Directx Radar
want to detect your enemies before they see you? This radar gives you an unfair advantage in pvp and pve. Unlike other cheap overlay radars, our directx radar draws objects directly on your game screen to eliminate FPS loss, system resource hogging, lags etc.
• In game menu
• Full screen mode supported
• Display stealthed (hidden) assassins and rangers on radar
• Display kisks on radar
• Zoom radar in / out
• Show Friendly Players (green)
• Show Hostile Players (red, useful in Abyss )
• Show NPCs (hostile - yellow, neutral - white)
• Show Names & HP
• Show LVL & Class
• Show Resource Nodes (cyan)
• Show Quest & Clickable Items (blue)
• Show dead NPCs & Players (black)
• support retail US, EU and Oceanic servers
• support Infiniteaion and other private servers

Aion Tools: a bonus tool that can assist you in pve and pvp
• Smart AutoChain: executes all your chain skills automatically (very useful in pve and pvp)
• Alert - monitoring a list of certain object (PCs, NPCs, nodes etc...) and sound the alarm when they appear within the detection range
• Minimap - displays in full 360 view
• Show players on minimap
• Blink players on minimap
• No clip - move through small walls and objects
• No animation - rather than waiting for the animation to finish to use a new skill, with this feature enabled you can just use them one after another
• No Gravity - runs / walks freely in the air and never fall when running out of flight time
• Super Glide - fly up / down while gliding
• Unlimited Re-rez Timer - removes the time limit that auto releases you after death (you can stay dead as long as you wish)
• ClearView - allows players to see thru wall and objects etc.
• PotBot - auto drinks your POTs when your HP or AP reaches xx%
• KeyBot - auto sends keystrokes when conditions are met
• support retail US, EU and Oceanic servers
• support Infiniteaion and other private servers