Aion Cheats [Low Level Free Health]

Aion Cheats [Low Level Free Health]Aion Cheat feature ;
This Aion Cheat allows you to regen your health EXTREMELY quickly in low levels using nothing but a simple command.

Aion Cheating ;
The way Aion's regeneration system works, while standing you regain a certain ammount of HP over time. By RESTING (/rest , it can even be mapped to a button.) the game activates an quicker regeneration rate, after one second, your HP will regain quickly, then another big chuck after another 10-20 seconds.

To use this Aion Cheat, /REST till you see a big jump in your health points, stand up, rest again till you see your HP jump up quickly, RINSE AND REPEAT TILL YOU HAVE REACHED FULL HP IN LESS THAT 5-6 SECONDS!!