Aion Bot [Aion JustBotting v1 Final]

I have a small request / suggestion for improvement bot “AION justBOTTinG”, as you probably all know this is an excellent bot, but that limits us to a Macro: /
What would you say to improve it?
To not talk too much here, shall make its proposal:

Then there is an important matter, I do not know C# language as this program is written, somebody who knows him could modify the bot to look like the picture? And how can it be if you can do to work in the background? Everyone will be certainly very grateful.

P.S. Maybe you have some other ideas regarding bot?
P.S. 2 If someone says I started using mmoBro, then I’ll have you answer that I play on a InifiniteAion this cheat on it rather does not work: Or maybe just I do not know how to set it well, anyway this bot is more to the liking me

Description of Aion Bot [Aion JustBotting v1 Final] :

This is a very simple Aion Bot I am adding memory reading and thereby much more intelligence to this Aion bot, also waypoints. If you like what you see say thanks, enjoy this completely undetectable Aion bot that is super simple. [Completely undetectable because it acts just like a human sending messages and doesn't do any memory interactions. This should be a valuable little junk Aion Bot to hold onto.]

Free Download Aion Bot : Aion Bot [Aion JustBotting v1 Final]

Aion Botting :

* Enter the interval you want the bot to wait between pressing the following buttons:
TAB...1...(pause interval).
* To set this bot up simply make a macro and place it in slot 1 then it will continually fight until you click stop.

Example Macro:
Aion Bot Set at:
interval = 40000 (40 seconds)

Slot 1 macro:
/delay 5
/Skill Ferocious Strike I
/delay 2
/Skill Rage I
/delay 2
/Skill Weakening Severe Blow I
/delay 2
/Skill Shield Defense I
/delay 5
/Skill Ferocious Strike I
/delay 2
/Skill Robust Blow I
/delay 18
/Skill Pick Up Item
/delay 2
/Skill Bandage Heal

System OS:
Windows 7 x64 tested. should work on any without "admin".

Fixes in v1 Final:
Stop now stops the Aion bot.

* This will be the last release of this simple Aion bot. Next bot will have memory reading.
* It doesn't require Aion Online to be the active window.
* It is written in c# so you'll need .Net 2.0 i believe.

Enjoy the free beta released bot.