Aion Hack [Aion Lite Radar xRad]

Aion Hack [Radar xRad]

Free Download Aion Hack : Aion Hack [Aion Lite Radar xRad]

This is the Aion Hack on radar call xRAD based on Ycros original work.
Working for retail - version 1.5.15

It's reads Aion Online Memory and reports all the entities around you (360 view).you can scan it with whatever you like
Aion Hack Radar xRad Features :
- 360 view of NPC/PC/ePC/Gathareables
- Autogatherer. (you need to be close to the node)
- Autopot while flying (for easy/faster gathering)
- Multiple Filters
- Alarm on target

Aion Hacking : Autogather
Make sure to set all the parameters if you want it to work correctly.
Also make sure if you set as gather key "ex. 9" then set the attack action on that spot.
Aion Hack [Radar xRad]

Upgrade :
- Fixed resize...
-  Removed the display of "Class"
- Added freeResize. [so you can have your weird looking radar -.-"] - Remenber you most have borders to be able to resize/move
- Added no border option.
- Fixed dynamic background sizing. no more withspace
- Added Opacity slider
- Hopefully fixed enemy kisk not showing under kisk filter
- Fixed Health % Issue