Aion Bot [Gathering]

Aion Bot [Gathering]
Free Download Aion Bot : Aion Bot [Gathering]

- Gathers anything & everything!!
- Aether Gathering & Flight Enabled!!
- Still supports older versions if your private server is compatible!!

Aion Botting :
When it arrives at a normal waypoint :
+ It will stand there for a second,
+ It will type in the /Select NodeName
+ It will press your "Attack/Chat" Hotkey
+ It will wait 2 seconds for the gathering progress bar to appear. 
So set "Waypoints" right on top of the node, as it will not be able to run in two seconds

If it arrives at a Navigator waypoint :
+ It simply runs past it.
+ It doesn't stop to gather. Enjoy Aion Botting ^^