Aion Hack [Skill Hack]

Aion Hack [Skill Hack]
Free Download Aion Hack : Aion Hack [Skill Hack]
Basic of Aion Skill Hack (Skill Spammer) compiled and made in Autohotkey.
This Aion Hack works exactly like F1-F9 Macro (skill spamming) (done by Vuthetherapist) but the one it made below was intended for button 1 to = on your keyboard..

This Aion Hacking is activated by holding down any key from 1 to =, and doing so will send the corresponding key followed by a click repeatedly in a loop (just like as if your clicking on the same button over and over). The program icon will appear on your taskbar once you open up the program and you can close the program by right clicking the icon at your taskbar or suspend the hotkeys for later use.
Aion Hacking :
Release Version 2 of  with Suspend and UnSuspend Script. So you can suspend the program any time and do anything else without manually right-clicking the icon on the taskbar to suspend the program for later use.
Aion Hack [Skill Hack]

Press INSERT key on your keyboard to suspend the program anytime and Press again to unsuspend it.