Aion Hack [Display HP of all enemies]

Free Download Aion HackAion Hack [Display HP of all enemies] 

Here is a small hack/mod you can use to make HP of players visible ingame.
All you have to do is download the file below and unrar it in Aion\L10N folder.
Replace if necessary already available files (the file above is unpacked and modified 2_enu.pak so that the HPs are displayed)

Now rename 2_enu.pak file to something like 2_enu.bak. When you start the game, the game will read the ENU folder instead of the 2_enu.pak (because it doesn't find that file anymore).

It's very useful to have in PvP, because you have an approximation on how high your enemy is and if it's worth to kill him or if he's just some lowbie who yields no AP. Also you can see if the enemy is much higher than you and avoid/flee and don't even try to attack him.
(Currently there is no way to display the level, so don't ask :P)

Currently this is extracted from the Aion EU client (English), Version Usually there is no need to frequently update or change this, but if there gets a new version I'll try to update it.
If demand is high enough, I'd also try to make it for other languages like german for example. Dunno if this files work on NA client, I don't have it.

P.S. It's adviced not to start the game with the Launcher, as the launcher may notice it and tries to redownload the 2_enu.pak file. Create a *.bat file and insert this in it instead to start aion directly and place it in the Aion Folder
batch file:
@start bin32/AION.bin -ip: -port:2106 -lang:enu -cc:2 -noweb