Aion Hack [Rapid Shot Hack]

I pround to present some Aion Hack for hacking your attack speed!!,  it's advance attack speed but for ranger only.
It's more advance it's not like old tut this one is more enjoyfull it's RAPIDSHOT ^^.
First of all you don't need to remove anything like armor, weapon, etc. I guess you know to attach the ce in aion, right? So I skip to tell you the tut about how to attach it.
Aion Hack [Rapid Shot Hack]
Aion Hacking :
Scan your normal attack for example : I shot 1 arrow so I scan 1 new scan and I use the skill swift shot but not that skill the chain we need the arrow storm the 3 rapid arrow now I scan it to 3 next scan repeat the step until you got some few addresses now if you got the address freeze it and change the value to let me say 500 like and the result is rapid shot 1shot a total of 500 shot but you can't use any skill that address you got will change so be carefull even buff don't use it if you want to use the rapid shot hack.