Aion Bot [Aion Botting Trick]

Aion Bot [Aion Botting Trick]
How to safe my charactor from Ncsoft detection if I use Aion Bot?
This is the first priority that you should consider before decide to use Aion Bot!!

Safe Aion Botting Trick :
1. How to start Aion Botting, and what two programs are the best to use to avoid the ban
2. Ncsoft’s trivial detection methods, and how to avoid them
3. ASMODIAN botting guide 1-50. These are not common Aion botting spots, but rather out of the way places you don’t have to worry about GM’s teleporting to.
4. ELYOS botting guide 1-50.
5. A guide to using macros with the Aion bot to maximize your damage
6. How to use delays and weave auto attacks correctly to maximize your kill speed
7. A guide to tweaking your xp/hour. (If you are already an experienced botter, I have no doubt this will almost double your xp/hour)
8. How to not look like a bot, and practically never rest.
9. Best places to farm cash at 45+, and the secret to increasing drops. Yes, there really is a secret.
10. How to get your account back after being banned. Note: only possible when you are using one of the 2 suggested bot programs. If you get caught using a memory injection Aion bot, there is nothing that will save you from that banstick. Note2: If following this guide, you will not be banned. I can’t promise this, but I can say it with 99% certainty. I’ve botted 5 characters to 50, two of which were being botted 24/7 during the recent ban waves…I’m still going strong

Guide has been updated with Elyos botting spots 1-50. Thanks for everyones support thus far!

What I'm currently working on for future updates :
1. Even more Aion botting spots
2. Guide to twinking you character without spending TONS of kinah. See my auction on the black market for my level 50 ranger, he was created a little over 3 weeks ago, no kinah was ever bought
3. Complete skill rotations for every class. These will all be in macro form and basically will make use of all your skills, even the reactive ones (without interupting your current skill chain) ie: skills only usable after block, dodge, parry etc.
4. Reviews of all the bots currently out.
5. The do's and donts of selling accounts, and buying/selling kinah
6. A way to receive/sell kinah without usi