New Released Aion Ktz Bot [Free download]

Aion Ktz Bot
There’s much discussion about Aion Bots locally but which Aion Bot is best for you? I made a decision to create this post and give my personal opinion on which Aion Bot I’ve found best and why.The bot I have chosen to create about is the Aion Ktz Bot. The reason I have chosen this particular bot are for that reasons the following:

1. Easy interface. Minimal confusion and most of nice and easy to setup!
2. Works in background mode – Meaning I can continue with my daily things with no interference.
3. Excellent way point system
4. Quest and Party system. Excellent for high lvl toons.
5. Targets like not one other bot available on the market.

And finest of my favourite reason the fact that this really is bot is free. So snatch it up as you can! But exactly how does it work? Simple! just adopt these measures:

1. You launch the bot
2. hit the button Load, then it says sucessfully
3. Launch the overall game, it supposely launch the aion but it sometimes
doesnt work, you have to do it while using launch manager from ncsoft
4. You hit home inside game and it will open the bot gui interface, it’ll charge a fee some login

User: ktztest

Aion Ktz Bot
You place up the fight, skills and monsters tab section in order for this to operate properly. Within the Fight tab you set up the waypointlocations, it will create a path. You hit the traininig button located at the end, it will begin hunting.

Dowload address:

You can download the Previous below ;
The AionKtz released their aion bot Aionktz v1.25. The dowload address is following:
This release addresses various problems.

The English version download link:…125English.rar…25English.html

The French version download link:…_125French.rar…125French.html

The German version download link:…_125German.rar…125German.html

The Swedish version download link:…125Swedish.rar…25Swedish.html

Aion Ktz Bot
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