Aion Enchanting Guide : How to Enchant Gears

Aion Enchanting guide

I want to attract my personal lvl 30 daevanion set in order to +10 as well as my personal daevanion weapon, but I can not actually have it in order to +1, it always isn’t able. I attempted to use lvl 32 enchantment rock. Exactly what rock lvl is best for succes enchant? I’ve read that for blue gear you need +15-30 lvl enchantment stone. So that implies that with regard to my personal lvl 30 daevanion armor the actual lvl 60 enchantment stone may have the best succes price? How much percent? The following the resolve methods:

Probably the most irritating areas of learning how to improve is actually understanding that they’ll fail! Will fail, however faltering might have damaging side-effects for the gear! This is why you must read the Aion guide beneath so that you do not shed your time and effort, your own character’s cash, or your own awesome!

Before you can make use of Enchantment stones, you must produce them. To be able to produce them, go to a nearby Common Goods Merchant and purchase Extraction Resources. One set of tools can be used for each extraction. To be able to extract, you have to Right-Click about the Extraction Tools after which Left-Click on the item you intend to draw out from.There are some essential recommendations! First, you are able to just draw out from items which could be enhanced. These are your chest slot, thighs position, shoulder blades position, fingers slot, feet slot, main position, and secondary slot. 2nd, when you draw out from a product, that product is destroyed. Don’t extract through items you wish to keep or use, obviously.

After you have removed an item, you will receive Enchantment gemstones. They are available in the shape: Degree # Enchantment. The amount corresponds to an item’s degree, not your level.

Now you understand how to draw out and create Enchantment gemstones, I will tell you how are applying them to an item. The first essential part is actually determining the level of the item you intend to enhance. Quite simply, the actual item’s degree is the required level to use which product (but there is more!). This may typically end up being discovered just by looking at the item’s data, since it may state exactly what degree is needed. For some products, for example mission rewards, there isn’t any provided level on the product. In order to determine the amount of these things, you must know what degree the quest was that led to that item. For instance, if your quest stated “Level 10″ in front of this as well as completing it resulted in a product, which item’s level will be Ten.

Aion Enchanting guide Knowing your item’s degree, the next step is determining exactly what level Enchantment stone to make use of. In order to do this, you must know if the product is associated with Whitened scarcity, Eco-friendly rarity, Azure rarity, or Lemon rarity. You can simply do that by exploring the product as well as seeing what colour the actual item’s name is written in. Once you know the actual item’s level and its colour use the subsequent to determine exactly what Enchantment rock to use:

White Product = Item’s Level +1-10 Levels
Eco-friendly Item Equals Item’s Degree +5-20 Amounts
Blue Product Equals Item’s Degree +15-40 Levels
Lemon Item Equals Item’s Level +30-50 Amounts

When utilizing an Enchantment rock from the above Aion guide, be aware which while using lower extremity may cause you to have a reduce chance of achievement. If you have a Level Ten Whitened item, you’ll have a higher percent of achievement if you use an amount Thirteen Enchantment rock compared to should you utilized an amount Eleven Enchantment rock. Also, if you use excessive of the Enchantment stone, your chance associated with achievement will be reduced too.

Now that you know how to create Enchantment stones and employ them to increase your gear, you must be wondering what are the stage of it all is! Each item could be enhanced as much as 10 times. Although this seems simple enough to obtain, you can take either 2 pathways to reaching it. One involves spending lots of your character’s cash on acquiring the best-to-use Enchantment stones; another entails investing plenty of risk on utilizing lower level Enchantment stones that will sometimes fail. What happens whenever you fall short? Your own item manages to lose one level of enhancement! This is why you should use the correct level Enchantment gemstones. The good thing is which products can’t reach damaging improvement amounts; it’ll visit Zero. Unhealthy news, clearly, is the fact that it can take quite a bit of time and money to reach Ten.

The following exhibits exactly what bonuses include every improvement level. Remember, each item can achieve no more than 10, therefore multiple every bonus through 10 to determine the most.

Aion Enchanting guide
Upper body = +6 ** for each degree
Legs Equals +5 ** for each level
Pauldron = +4 ** per degree
Gloves Equals +4 ** per degree
Footwear Equals +4 ** for each degree

Upper body Equals +5 Physical Protection per level
Thighs Equals +4 ** for each level
Pauldron Equals +3 ** per degree
Mitts = +3 ** per degree
Footwear Equals +3 ** for each level

Upper body Equals +4 Physical Protection for each degree
Thighs = +3 ** for each degree
Pauldron = +2 ** per level
Gloves = +2 ** per degree
Boots Equals +2 ** per degree

Chest = +3 Bodily Defense per degree
Thighs = +2 ** per degree
Pauldron Equals +1 ** per degree
Gloves = +1 ** per level
Footwear Equals +1 ** for each degree

Polearm = +4 Minimum as well as Maximum Tool Harm for each level
Greatsword Equals +4 Minimum and Maximum Weapon Damage per degree
Bows Equals +4 Minimum and Optimum Tool Damage per level
Staff Equals +3 Minimal as well as Optimum Weapon Damage for each level, +10 Magic Boost for each level
Sword Equals +2 Minimum and Optimum Weapon Harm per degree
Dagger Equals +2 Minimum and Optimum Weapon Harm per degree
Mace = +3 Minimum as well as Maximum Tool Harm per level, +10 Miracle Increase per level
Orb Equals +4 Minimum and Maximum Weapon Damage per level, +10 Miracle Boost for each degree
Spellbook Equals +3 Minimal as well as Maximum Weapon Damage per degree, +10 Miracle

Aion Enchanting guide
Aion Enchanting guide

Increase for each degree

Shield Equals +2% Harm Decrease for each degree